As of January, 2018, Stimpsoft will no longer be reviewing WordPress themes.  We’ve had a great run at it but all things must come to an end, as they say.  But, if you’ve come here for an incredible WordPress theme, I definitely don’t want to leave you hanging.  So I’ll go through some of my very favorite themes that I’ve ever seen reviewed and you can take a look for yourself to decide if one of these themes is right for your project.

First of all, I think you can find an incredible selection of free WordPress themes here.  Free templates, sometimes you sort of ‘get what you paid for’ you know?  But I’ve found that ThemeIt does a very good job of releasing premium quality themes at a reasonable price.  You should definitely check them out if you want a freebie.  Most of their themes are simple and minimalist and many are even eCommerce/WooCommerce ready.  Oh yeah, here’s a great list of minimalist themes and another one here for simple, well organized grid themes.

For some reason, more of our traffic on Stimpsoft was from women, so I recommend this collection of feminine WordPress themes, themes for women and girls.  Stylish and elegant, those are the best theme for not just women, but anyone who wants to appeal to women. Heck, men like a stylish site too sometimes.  Anyway, I recommend that.

As for portfolios, you have a bunch of options.  Beautiful and highly creative standard portfolios, video portfolios for amazing multimedia content, well organized portfolios for photographers, those can be found here, here and here.  Creative and digital agencies get their day in the sun in this collection, so web designers, graphic design experts and more can find something they love.

What about selling products online?  You need a great theme that’s built for the job.  Digital download themes are here, while WooCommerce themes are hereHere’s another collection of general eCommerce themes you might enjoy.  There are even themes that let folks register to sell their products on your website, which is incredibly cool.  Those are called marketplace themes or multivendor themes and they can be found here.  Those are really popular lately and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.

We can’t forget the bloggers in our lives.  From food blogs to travel, lifestyle and general purpose bloggers.  There’s always something for you.  Blogging is how WordPress got started and they’re still the very best with a ton of great themes, free or paid, that can help make your blogging experience a memorable one.  Easy to use?  Absolutely.  Powerful right out of the box yet even more powerful once fully customized?  Definitely.  That’s what WordPress is all about.

Let’s see, you’ve got one page themes here, magazine themes there, parallax themes here and full screen themes over here.