This is a collection of the very best WordPress technology support themes around. Offering your clients incredible tech support is a big deal, you need people to trust in your product and also to know that your organization is in addition to all issues that might occur while using your products. That is where these WordPress themes for technology support get involved. These themes are professional and polished, ideal for offering support for hardware, software, programs, games…even WordPress themes!


Create Premium WordPress business portfolio and helpdesk theme

This is Produce, by Theme Trust. It is a full featured small business theme with plenty of flexibility and if you go ahead and set up a plugin such as Zendesk for WordPress or Help Scout, it is possible to turn Produce into a full fledged helpdesk theme for giving excellent tech support for your goods. I suggest Zendesk personally, it is free and it makes for a excellent platform for letting your customers and clients create aid tickets for getting support with issues that they may encounter. Having a single sign-in and remote consent, merely to make things simpler for everyone.

That’s a terrific thing, because a dedicated support ticket system is easy to use and powerful. Produce uses a drag and drop system to offer you the maximum degree of flexibility, WooCommerce service, beautiful blog and portfolio choices and much more.


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Zerif Pro

zerif pro wordpress tech support themes

So, this is Zerif Pro, which is one of the best selling business themes around, but it’s also a great choice for building a tech support website.  All you have to do is install a plugin like HelpScout and you can create a full featured tech support site that people will really find useful.  For businesses who want a great solution for both website and tech support, this is a great idea.  Since some of the tech support themes on this list come with built in styles and features, you might not get a site that looks exactly like you want it to look.  That’s not the case with Zerif, which has a cool and highly flexible style that your visitors will love.  It’s easy to use, easy to edit and really easy to provide customer support no matter what field you’re in.

You can also take advantage of Easy Digital Downloads integration and there’s also the  WooCommerce Help Scout plugin, which are what you need to mesh your site with HelpScout.

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Theme It

Stack Metro style template

For more incredible, colorful, powerful and professional metro style WordPress themes, check out our collection.  We’ve got tons of awesome collections you might like, so please feel free to subscribe to our RSS.  Or don’t.  That’s fine too.

Inspired by Windows 8 Metro design and the Metro theme, Stack is built to work seamlessly with the Tiles Addon, allowing you to create amazing metro designed layouts using the drag & drop Builder. Stack is a fluid & responsive WordPress theme that works on all resolutions, and on any device. That’s a guarantee.  I guarantee it.  Stack is a fantastic theme, you know it comes with masonry as well as infinite scroll features for WordPress Post Formats, portfolio, and WooCommerce shop. That’s a lot of features, in my opinion.  The Stack theme is ideal for showcasing your creative portfolios, creating an unique eCommerce site, and building general corporate sites.  Could there possibly be more?  You better believe it!

With Stack and the WordPress post format power, you can create micro blogs like Tumblr sites, which is pretty cool. With the Stack theme each post format is uniquely designed to tailor to each of your content. Some of these features are the gallery slider with timer control, and the minimal custom audio player design. Each post format has a specific color scheme that creates a colorful contrast when viewed in masonry layout. If you are not a big fans of the default post colors, it can also be customized with different background, font, and link color.

Design your portfolio to make beautiful masonry tiled layouts using various tile sizes and arrangements. The post filter allows the viewer to sort the portfolio posts according to its category.  Whatever you decide to do with Stack, I think you’re going to absolutely love what the results are.

For all the other Themify themes, check this out.

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Theme It

This is superfood, a vibrant, organically fun WordPress theme for food products, healthy living and downhome cooking.  Yeehaw!

Superfood is simple to use, easy to customize and it provides a cornucopia of options for styles, feels and looks.  Wanta  food blog that’s completely into social media?  Super Food is devfionitely that.  This thing is like a Kardashian with the Tweetagramming and the Instafacing.

I love the look of this template, Super Food gives you a dozen different homepage layouts to choose from.  Now, if you don’t like the images, don’t worry, you’ll be subbing in your own.  That’s something I noticed anout this theme, not all the images are things I’d pick.  They’re okay, but I don’t know.  I love them but I’m not *in* love with them.  That’s nonsense anyway.

Super Food is a popular offering from Elated Themes a relatively new theme maker but one that’s made an impression on a lot of folks already.  Let’s peep some other designs really quick.

Superfood Landing Page Recipe Blog


For a food blog theme, you could definitely do a lot worse than Superfood!

Check out the coffees shop demo.  Cool fonts seem to be necessary for a good coffee shop.  My favorite font maker is House IndustriesSudtipos is good too.  In fact, I love Sudtipos so much, I used their Calgary Script font on my site’s logo.  How do you like that?

Coffee Shop Demo Super Food

Or the bakery look. I can practically smell myself getting fatter.  One thing I really do value about Super Food, the demo sites really do cover a wide array of what you could do with the template if you buy it.

Super Food Bakery Style Theme

Here’s a grocery store theme, ideal for small grocers, organic shops, even local coops.

Grocery Store Demo Style Super Food

How about this traditional WordPress restaurant theme look?

Super Food Restaurant Theme

While Food Blog is obviously meant to be a, well, a food blog primarily, the portfolio page is snappy and fun.  I think it lends itself pretty well to any sort of portfolio site, though maybe it’s a bit specialized for some tastes.

Super Food Portfolio Page

Okay, so that’s Superfood.  What do you think?  If you want to get into a food blog, it’s a great choice.  And still solid for some other uses too.

Theme It

Silverbow free, fast loading WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Silverbow is a free minimalist blog theme from right here at – and you all know that free is a very good price.  Silverbow is our first free theme, and we really hope you enjoy it.  Silverbow offers a delightfully simple, clean, modern and minimalist layout and it’s an incredibly simple theme for beginners to use, because you can get this theme set up and running in almost no time at all.   Feel free to download it and install it.  If you’d like to see the documentation for Silverbow, just scroll down below the links.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, this item is licensed 100% GPL.  Open source, baby!  For more open source, GPL licensed WordPress themes, check out our collection.

More Silverbow features:

  • Classic Minimalist Design
  • Full Integration With WooCommerce
  • Responsive, Fluid Design
  • Four Blog Layouts
  • Custom Widgets
  • Compatible With All Major Browsers
  • Custom Post Formats For Audio, Video, Gallery and Standard Posts
  • Theme Options Via The WordPress Customizer

Silverbow WordPress Theme

In the world of blogging, content is always king; but applying the wrong type of theme to a WordPress account can easily distract a reader from seeing what’s important — what you’ve written. And this is why there are themes like Silverbow that aim to provide you with a beautiful, attractive blog site but simple enough so as not to divert the visitors’ attention from your articles.

The Silverbow WordPress theme is a minimalist, WooCommerce ready blog theme that is easy to install and apply to WordPress. The standard layout comes with blog images and a white and grey color scheme that you can easily modify to make into your own. The live customization feature of Silverbow makes this possible, not to mention easy to accomplish.

Silverbow is fast to load, which makes it more enticing for your visitors. Also, there are numerous features that you will definitely benefit from when it comes to the development side of the equation. It is extremely important for any WordPress theme to be easy to install and manipulate based on what the blogger, in this case yourself, needs.

Here are some of the features that you can expect when you utilize the Silverbow WordPress theme:

  • Compatibility with multiple browsers – make sure that your blog is accessible to more people by being functional on different browsers from Opera to Edge
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce software – enjoy a user-friendly shopping feature where you can make an on-page store to sell unique merchandise from
  • High-resolution display – appeal to your readers with beautiful images that complement your well-written blog articles
  • Widget functionality – increase the ease of navigation on your page with direct links to important pages such as the About Me page or your social media assets
  • Multiple preset layout options – start working with preset layouts not only for your homepage but article archives as well
  • Customization function – change colors and edit other site elements to make your blog page unique
  • Multiple post format support – work not only with standard text but with images, video files, and audio files as well
  • Promo box feature – highlight new articles or special promotions on merchandise with 3 promo boxes available on the main page of your blog
  • Social sharing function – make your articles easy to share by having quick sharing links to Facebook, Twitter, and the like
  • Child theme support – develop modifications for your blog without having to alter the parent theme
  • Contact form support – be available to your readers via the on-page contact form
  • Translation support – have your articles translated into different languages, when needed for expanded readership
  • Logo upload feature – improve your branding efforts by uploading your distinct logo on the header or footer of your blog page
  • SEO optimization – see to it that you are found online when you publish articles on WordPress; with this optimized theme, all you have to do is work on simple tagging and keyword usage to be found on the major search engines

Want a fast theme?  Well, you’re in luck.  Silverbow is among the fastest themes around and we’re working continuously to improve the site load times.  Here’s where we’re at right now.  (We don’t even have a CDN, haha) Performance Report for http GTmetrix

Simple, minimalist, but highly effective, the Silverbow theme is worth considering for your blog site.  Download it for free with the link below.

Demo Free Download Get Hosting

Thanks for downloading Silverbow, let’s get started!

  • After installing the .zip package and activating Silverbow, you’ll want to style your homepage.
  • To get a look that is close to the demo site, click on Appearance>Customize
  • Select Theme Options>>Featured Area Settings.
  • Click Enable Feature Slider and select how many slides you’d like to show.  You’ll need to select your post category to show slides from the same category, so I created one just for the slider called…slides.  Creative, right?  That makes it easy to keep track of what you’re doing.  So once you have your featured slides set up, you’ll want to add the promotion box images.
  • Still under Theme Options, click on Promo Box Settings.  You can upload images and type in titles directly into the three boxes, even add a URL to each one as I’ve done in the demo.  It’s just that easy.

Most of the rest of the adjustments you can make are pretty much standard WordPress features, like changing the number of posts on the front page and so on.

We’ll keep this page updated.

While we think Silverbow is a fantastic free portfolio, WooCommerce and blog theme, though we know it might not be exactly what you’ve been looking for.  Hey, everybody’s taste is a little different, right?  Well, that being said, if you want more inspiration, checkout our collection of minimalist WordPress themes, WordPress personal blog themes or even WordPress portfolio themes.

Theme It

This attractively structured WordPress theme is best described by its own name: Newspaper. No matter what industry you represent, if your company’s website is full of both textual and other media content, using a WP theme specifically created to showcase it efficiently and with style makes sense. Multiple layout options for posts, graphics and video will help you present important and entertaining content with ease. The live demonstration can help you decide which features will work best with your goals. The Newspaper theme is completely responsive so people can enjoy your site at home or on the go. This same freedom also stands for the administrators of the site. Even without developmental or coding knowledge, content can be updated and style tweaked from a smartphone or tablet.

Everything about the Newspaper theme is optimized for maximum effect. Integrated search engine optimization helps you attract organic traffic to your content. Clean and up-to-date code decrease load times and virtually eliminates any errors or glitches. For international readers, Newspaper offers full translation options, which allows you to expand into new markets. On content-rich websites, organization of articles and other items can become frustrating. This theme uses a Popular Categories selection, featured content designation and highly optimized navigation menus to keep the home page performing well.



Theme It

Elegant Themes is a theme maker that’s been around for a while and they’ve accomplished a ton, creating dozens of great looking themes that can all be downloaded for a very reasonable price.


eStore WordPress eCommerce Themes

eStore is a cool looking, almost retro inspired eCommerce theme that can give your site a really custom built look.  It’s probably one of the more specifically designed themes in this collection but for some, that’s going to be very appealing.  This was actually the very first theme I ever installed on any website and I thought it was relatively simple to use and I liked the design of it as well.  If you need an eCommerce theme, it’s definitely worth considering.

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Aggregate WordPress news and magazine theme

This is Aggregate, a handsome WordPress magazine theme by Elegant Themes.  If you’re looking for an attractive, all-purpose WordPress magazine theme, then Elegant Themes may be what you need.  Beautiful designs, simple customization and more make Elegant Themes a fine choice.  Magazines are big business and Aggregate can help you attract new readers no matter what subject your online ‘zine is about.

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13 Floor

13 Floor WordPress Tech Blog and App Theme

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ArtSee Elegant Themes WordPress Portfolio Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Boutique feminine WordPress eCommerce Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

Business Card

Business Card WordPress resume theme vCards

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Chameleon WordPress Simple Blog Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Convertible WordPress Landing Page Themes

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

Deep Focus

Deep Focus WordPress Photography theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Divi WordPress Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


eGamer WordPress Gaming Magazine Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

Elegant Estate

Elegant Estate WordPress Realty and Real Estate Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Envisioned Responsive Portfolio Theme for WordPress

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting



Event WordPress events Promotional theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Evolution WordPress theme for blogs and portfolios

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Explorable WordPress Travel blog theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Extra WordPress magazine theme Elegant Themes

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Fable WordPress theme for blogs

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Feather WordPress Whimsical Blog Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Flexible WordPress Simple Minimal Blog Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Foxy WordPress theme blog theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Fusion WordPress app sales and business theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Gleam Creative WordPress portfolio theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Glow Theme WordPress Elegant Themes Template

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Harmony WordPress Band Theme for Musicians

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


InStyle WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


LeanBiz Clean WordPress Business Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Lucid Sleek WordPress magazine theme Elegant Themes

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Lumin WordPress Theme Elegant Themes

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Magnificent WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Memoir WordPress writing and blogging theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Modest WordPress Blog and Portfolio template

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


MyApp Theme for WordPress Software and App Promotion

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


MyCuisine WordPress Food Blog and Recipes Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


MyProduct WordPress Software and App Promo Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Nexus WordPress Theme Elegant Themes

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Nimble WordPress One Page Business Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Notebook WordPress Grid Blog Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Nova WordPress Theme for Tech Websites

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Origin WordPress feminine and kids theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


PureType WordPress Blog Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

Simple Press

Simple Press WordPress clean blog theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Sky WordPress Theme feminine and fun

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


StyleShop WordPress eCommerce Theme Elegant Themes

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

The Corporation

The Corporation WordPress corporate business theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

The Source

The Source WordPress News Magazine Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

The Style

The Style WordPress Grid Magazine Theme Elegant Themes

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Vertex WordPress one page business theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Webly WordPress Theme

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Theme It

These are all of the themes currently released by BluChic, one of the best theme makers for feminine WordPress themes.  If you’re looking for an incredible WordPress theme for women’s products, blogs, magazines or portfolios, you’re in the right place.  Combining a bold vision with niche specific styles, BluChic themes are perfect for all feminine websites.  I know you’ll find something you really love.


Chamomile WordPress Theme

Chamomile is a fantastic theme for women.  What kind of themes work best for female owned businesses?  I think it should have a distinctly feminine style, enough features to keep everyone happy and a style that sets your site apart from the rest.  That’s what Chamomile is all about.  SEO friendly, perfectly responsive, tons of documentation and fast, friendly support all help make Chamomile a great choice for a feminine blog.  Not digging the mint green color?  That’s easily changed, as are the fonts.  PSD files and demo data are also included with this template, so you can really adjust it to fit your needs.

For more women’s WordPress themes, try this collection.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Geraldine WordPress Feminine Theme

This is Geraldine, a classic beauty and an all around great WordPress theme for women and female owned businesses.  Whimsical, fun, bold and daring, that’s what Geraldine is all about.  Wedding blogs, event planning, you name it, Geraldine could be a great theme for your businesses website.  Geraldine is responsive, offers one click demo data import, uses cool promo boxes to hype content, has a stiocky menu and featured slider and a whole lot more.  This really is a great theme for anyone who wants to grow their business with a beautiful and professional website.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Isabelle Feminine WordPress Blog Theme

Isabelle is a whimsical, feminine and daring WordPress theme, as flexible and beautiful as powerful and functional.  The slider is always a great way to present your most important content and Isabelle dedicates a lot of space to a great looking slider.  I think it’s worth it though.  Isabelle is all about great looking images and with that in mind, your posts will be promoted with excerpts and thumbnail images in a handy grid, perfect for visual navigation.  Isabelle is a WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme, it’s perfectly responsive, you can quickly customize your logo, color schemes, add a newsletter signup form and select from one of multiple layout options.  I absolutely adore this theme.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Jacqueline Bold Blog theme for Women

For life coaches, consultants and independent contractors, Jacqueline is a great choice for building your website.  This theme is SEO friendly, it’s flexible in terms of layout and design, it’s easy to customize and ready for whatever you throw at it.  Jacqueline’s style is distinctly feminine, but it’s also great for most purposes, since it’s so flexible.  Responsive, attractive and first-impression friendly, you’re going to love the Jacqueline WordPress theme.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Lynette Fashion Theme for WordPress


Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Marilyn WordPress Fashion Blog Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Naomi WordPress Pastry Shop and Bakery Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Olivie WordPress theme for Women

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Paisley WordPress women

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Quinn WordPress event planner theme for weddings

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Rachel WordPress Theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Samantha WordPress feminine theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Tiffany WordPress female themes

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


emma WordPress theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Victoria multipurpose feminine blog theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

Adelle Pro

Adelle Pro WordPress feminine blogging template

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


Adrianna Feminine eCommerce WordPress theme

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

For more amazing theme makers, check these out.

Theme It