Bold WordPress News Magazine Theme

Bold is most definitely that, a bold magazine theme for WordPress, one with strikingly simple and clean design, powerful options and all the features you need to craft a highly successful and unique website.  Designed to get your attention and never let go, Bold features a striking design, strong and simple at the same time.

I think the choice of fonts or typography is particularly important in creating such a dramatic site.  Bold isn’t just about style though, it features a lot of modern amenities that are critical for the success of any website these days.  Bold is responsive and retina ready, so it looks incredible on all browsers and all sorts of devices.

This theme, while really a magazine theme at heart, is also WooCommerce ready, so you can sell products if you choose.  There are gorgeous portfolio and slideshow templates for highlighting visual content and a lot more.  If you want a multipurpose magazine and blog theme that has a striking design, you should consider the Bold theme from Organic Themes.  For more WordPress magazine themes, check these out.

But that’s not all Bold can do.

Built to make an immediate impact on your readers, Bold is a theme that was designed with grabbing your audience’s attention immediately, giving a great user experience with a highly stylish, yet simple layout, great looking typography and a lot of customization features that make it a wonderful choice for a personal blog, professional blog or any sort of online magazine.

Blogging is where Bold’s bread is buttered, but it is also a full featured WooCommerce shop too.  It’s a wonderful combination, making it a true multipurpose, responsive, daring and professional theme that could be great for almost any sort of blog site.

Bold is just that, a Bold, beautiful theme that also happens to be completely and utterly responsive.  That’s part of what makes all of the Organic Themes so wonderful, they’re built on the fast loading, smooth running Seed Framework, which means each and every one of their themes are perfectly responsive, Retina display ready and they’re great for SEO too, since they load up incredibly quickly and work with all the major SEO plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO.

Not what you had in mind?  Check out our collection of personal WordPress blog themes here.

But wait, there’s more.  Some more awesome options and features that Bold offers you.

  • Options Framework
  • Responsive Framework
  • Retina Optimized
  • Shortcodes
  • WooCommerce
  • Portfolio Template
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • HTML5 Audio Player
  • Google Fonts
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Custom Header
  • Custom Background
  • Custom Menu
  • Color Change Options
  • Featured Images
  • Featured Videos
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Slideshow Template
  • Numbered Pagination
  • Multiple Sidebars
  • Multiple Column Layouts
  • Widget Ready
  • Photoshop Design File
  • Gravity Form Styling

And, as usual, let’s see Bold in action, shall we?  This is Eventide Visuals, a wedding photographer.  Speaking of weddings, looking for a WordPress wedding theme?  Look no further than this great list of WordPress wedding themes.

eventtidevisuals wedding photographer

So, there it is.  What do you think of the Bold theme?  I really do enjoy the style, but I get that it may be a little ‘in your face’ for some sites.  Still, we’d love to see what you can do with it, let us know in the comments below.

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Theme It

Emporia WordPress Theme

Emporia is a deceptively simple looking WordPress blogging theme, offering up a polished, well designed, modern and highly crafted style.   It was designed and built especially for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase and highlight their artwork with as few distractions as possible. That sort of simple, minimalist and modern design is incredibly popular right now, for good reason.  A simple, clean, sleek and modern site design, with clear navigation and no clutter, makes your content seem even more important than it would with a more complex design.  Exactly as it should be, right?  If you’re after a simple WordPress theme that doesn’t scrimp on features and flexibility, Emporia is definitely a template you out to take a hard look at.  Half blog, half portfolio, Emporia walks a fine line, but does it well.  Some blogs won’t work as portfolios and some portfolios simply don’t have an attractive blog ability.  Emporia has both and they’re both really well made.  Having both designs offers you a level of flexibility, so that you can have both aspects to help promote your business.  The simple, but powerful, theme options page handles all the styling choices you might want to make, so you’ll have full control over typography and colors, as well as the background color or image.

GraphPaper Press image galleries for Emporia

Let’s talk about a portfolio theme.  You desire it to be eye catching on every size or type of electronic device, right?  That’s a really important factor when purchasing a WordPress portfolio theme.  Emporia has what you are seeking, a purely, totally responsive layout on every size computer screen, no matter what. This type of attribute is very significant today, some would say it is vital, because websites that display perfectly on every apparatus have a tendency to outrank their competition with similar fixed width websites. Your customers, subscribers and other users will value the fact that it’s responsive when they attempt to get your site on a device like iPhone or an Android.  Any internet enabled computer will show the site as it’s meant to be shown.  Don’t forget to add your Google Analytics account to keep track of your traffic, which can be readily accomplished in the ‘theme options’ panel. In general, if you want a fantastic looking WordPress theme that is not difficult to use and customize, Emporia could be the appropriate selection.

Graphpaper Press Blog Theme called Emporia

Okay, that’s the rundown on GraphPaper Press’ Emporia WordPress theme.  For more GraphPaper Press themes, check out their entire theme collection.

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Theme It

BluChic is probably the best known creator of well made, feminine WordPress themes.  If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, or if women are your target audience, then you’re definitely going to need to check out everything they have to offer.

Here’s a sneak peek at the shop page.  Nice looking stuff, easy to navigate.

Products – Tiffany Theme for WordPress

Tiffany has a ton of features that help make it a great choice for women who want an all around theme, one with enough design and enough features to keep both webmaster and visitors happy.  Designed for the entrepreneur, Tiffany has a distinct feminine style that helps set it apart from a lot of the competition.  So many themes these days have a flat, corporate style.  That’s not to say minimalist themes can’t be interesting.  In fact, if you want to see some, check out our minimalist theme collection.

But back to Tiffany.  Tiffany is WooCommerce compatible, so you can sell products with your very own online shop.  Since the demo is set up as a stationary store, you can see how it would work for that type of site, but there’s nothing you can’t sell with WooCommerce.  Even digital downloadable products.

Like all good, modern themes, Tiffany is responsive in it’s design.  That means no matter what device your customers are accessing your site on, it’ll look great, adapting to the size screen they have.  It’s really key these days, so many people are shopping on their smartphones.

As for customization options, you’re in luck.  Tiffany allows for rapid changes to color schemes and type faces, all without having to know a bit of code.  Tiffany is compatible with all the major SEO plugins, so it works well in terms of ranking.  The slick code doesn’t hurt that facet either.  As long as you crank out great content, you’ll start rising the SERPs before you know it.  Another aspect of flexibility, Tiffany offers multiple layout styles, whether you want to show one post with excerpt and then a grid below that or all excerpt posts with thumbnails, classic full posts, full-width posts and a lot more.  The choices are yours and each one looks really nice on the page.  Just depends on your taste.

Ready for banner ads, social media friendly, well documented and well supported, BluChic has created a really nice theme that could be perfect for your website.  So, whattya think?  I think that BluChic is at the top of the game with regard to feminine themes like Tiffany. The features, the style, the price, it’s all right there where you want it to be.  So, that said, if you’d like to see more feminine BluChic themes, try this.   That’s our collection of every single BluChic theme available.  Honestly, I think Tiffany could be a great lifestyle blog option too.  For more themes like that, check out this collection.

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this review.  If you choose Tiffany, or any of the other themes BluChic has to offer, we’d love to hear from you.

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Theme It

A responsive WordPress theme adjusts on the fly to ensure your website looks great on any device, from smart phone and tablet, to desktop and laptop.  It’s crucial to have a responsive design to help provide the user experience that people crave and that google rewards with higher SERP placement.  Google loves a responsive design so much that they’ve given responsive designs a boost in rankings that help them attract and retain more traffic than a non-responsive theme.  We’ve found a wonderful assortment of responsive WordPress themes that will help you create a website that your audience will love, no matter what your niche is.  We really think this collection of WordPress responsive themes is the best around.

Alright folks, get ready for the good stuff.  Looking for the best premium, responsive WordPress themes around?  Need a theme that will knock your socks off?  Continue reading because you will find them all right here in this collection.  If you’ve been searching high and low for all of the best selling, premium-quality responsive WordPress themes to easily start your next project, we’ve found them!  Superior WP themes are strongly built with lots of powerful features and easy customization options which make creating a professional web site easy, fast and even fun. These best selling responsive WordPress themes include nearly limitless custom options and a long list of features that give you the ability to control the look and feel of your website.

These are the best of the best.  These WordPress responsive themes offer absolute beginners, as well as savvy WordPress veterans, a simple way to create web site without messing around with code. That’s part of what makes them premium.  All of these themes are constructed of fresh code, with a responsive layout that makes it possible for anyone accessing your site with any device, to get the best from your content…it doesn’t even matter what screen size. Design that is responsive is among the variables search engines takes into account when ranking a web page on the search results, so offering a responsive site is crucial to your success.  Increase your rankings and you increase your traffic, pretty simple.

Obviously, these themes are of the very highest quality.  They’re premium themes after all, so your website will look professional and approachable, standing out from your competitors.  Even if your competition has spend thousands on a custom website design, you can get the very same look with a premium theme and a few simple customizations to make it look and behave exactly like you want it to.  Need some extra features?  Well, you can extend the native functionality of WordPress with plugins and other add-ons.   If you want a great looking site that loads fast on any device, has stable and clean code, gives your users a fantastic user experience and is also easy to customize, then you might just be looking for one of these outstanding themes.

Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro Responsive Photography Theme for WordPress

For a professional, completely responsive WordPress photography theme, consider Elegance Pro, which uses the Genesis Framework to create a masterpiece of efficient, beautiful design, whether you’re a blogger, photographer or you want to sell products online, this theme is perfect.  Created specifically for the Genesis framework, Elegance pro has a built in theme customizer for fine tuning colors and content, and you’ll see those changes in real time, which is really nice.  Customize the header and multiple widget areas and you’re even going to get several responsive page templates to select from.  Elegance Pro is one of the most dynamic, artfully crafted responsive WordPress portfolio themes around.

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Create is a fully responsive WordPress theme that looks amazing on all devices, all browsers and it’s really simple to use too.  Create was made by Theme trust, one of the first theme makers I recall seeing and they’re really getting better and better, each theme they release seems to work and look better than the last.  Create is no exception.  Whether you want a portfolio or blog, even an eCommerce website, Create can handle it.  Super user friendly and really easy to customize, this is a premium theme that you’re definitely going to need to consider.

Create is the best selling theme from Theme Trust, which isn’t a surprise, I think it’s their best one.  Responsive layout, retina ready display, tons of powerful and user friendly customization options, Site Origin’s page builder, multiple header styles, Mega-Megu support and WooCommerce.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, there’s a whole lot of great stuff to see in the Create WordPress theme.

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Bold WordPress Responsive News Magazine Theme

Bold made this list of great responsive themes because it’s an all around theme, it offers dynamic blogging with a gorgeous portfolio and even allows you to sell products with WooCommerce.  All on any device, since the responsive design perfectly adapts to any resolution, you can sell products to folks on smart phones and tablets, as well as desktops.

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Remobile Pro

Remobile WordPress responsive blog theme

Remobile Pro is a beautiful, typography-centric WordPress theme with a beautiful grid layout that helps present your content in an unbelievably visual way that makes it incredibly simple to navigate, letting your readers find exactly the content they’re looking for.  Remobile Pro is all about design, not just typography, the layout is perfectly crafted for an amazing user experience.  If you don’t want to have to constantly tweak your sites settings every time WordPress updates, then a Genesis Framework child theme like Remobile Pro could be a good choice.  Genesis updates each time WordPress updates and your child theme sits on top of that installation, so any changes you make to the them won’t have to be undone when Genesis or WordPress update.  Oh, and Remobile Pro is perfectly fluid and responsive for a great appearance on all devices.

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motive wordpress responsive agency themes

Motive is a modern and responsive ad/creative agency theme for WordPress, with an incredibly simple and modern, sleek and creative design.  Motive is an ideal responsive theme for all kinds of creative endeavors, from freelance graphic designers, small or large creative agencies, font houses and all other types of designers.  Highlighting your content with a wide variety of portfolio styles, blog styles, a flexible system for font and color customizations and more, you’ll find it easy to create a portfolio site that does exactly what you want it to do.

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Float is a premium Themeify drag and drop theme

Completely responsive, user friendly and flexible, I really recommend Float, from, since it’s got a wide range of features.  WooCommerce is completely supported, helping you set up a shop in rapid order.  There are loads of great addons that can help make your shop a big success, which is what it’s all about.  Float is a theme that can be used as an attractive parallax blog theme, any topic will look create.  This creative theme also works great for portfolios, creatives have really enjoyed the flexibility this theme offers.  With a drag and drop page builder included, there’s no type of layout that’s not possible to create and once your site is created, promote that thing with social media integration!  With SEO oiptimization, your rankings are going to be going through the roof too, so buy with confidence.

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flymag pro responsive wordpress theme

FlyMag Pro is a high quality magazine theme, completely responsive and fluid in it’s layout, adapting perfectly to every device size.  With simple navigation, plenty of options for customization, FlyMag pro is a wonderful theme that can adjust to handle any sort of content.  Creative companies and bloggers can use this theme to create a great platform for all sorts of content, images look great, FlyMag can handle video clips, self hosted or embedded, and it’s a stunning, responsive theme for any sort of website.

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Zerif Pro

Zerif Pro Responsive WordPress Theme

Zerif Pro is a responsive WordPress theme, flat in style, with parallax scrolling effect and Zerif Pro is even WooCommerce compatible.  All of that in just a single page, pretty hard to believe, right?  Well, somehow, they managed to cram all of that into this amazing little theme.  Zerif Pro is flexible too, with Site Origin’s page builder powering the layout, you can rearrange content areas, add and remove them, customize almost everything and more.  Keep in mind though, Zerif Pro is a one page theme, so it may not be perfect for every site, but I think it’s a good one to add to this collection.

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Struct WordPress App Sales and Software Theme

Smart and responsive, Struct is a modern user friendly, creative and perfectly responsive WordPress theme.  Struct is great for software companies, SaaS, tech industry start-ups and even mobile apps.  No matter what you’re marketing, a theme like Struct is a perfect way to highlight your content and move products.  With the amount of competition out there, a finely crafted SEO setup is critical for your businesses success.  Luckily, Struct is well coded, works with all the major SEO plugins and it loads fast, so SEO shouldn’t be a concern.  Just add incredible content and you’re ready to go.  With infinite color schemes, multiple custom content types and multiple widgetized areas, you can add features and functions almost anywhere you want.  And Struct is also a drag and drop theme, you have the ability to make pages that have every function you need and nothing you don’t want.

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The Motion

TheMotion WordPress Responsive Portfolio theme


TheMotion is a video portfolio theme that can help you feature your video clips in style.  I love the simple, minimal presentation, the clear navigation and I also love that this theme is WooCommerce ready, which means you can sell products (video tutorials site anyone?) and TheMotion is also incredibly simple to customize.  If you want to create a vLog (video blog) or a tutorials site, maybe even a video magazine, then you’re going to find that TheMotion is an attractive and feature filled option, thanks to it’s responsive design, simple admin interface and limitless options for building a customized and highly functional site.

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Full Frame

Full Frame Responsive WordPress themes

This is Full Frame, a completely responsive WordPress theme from the folks at GraphPaper Press.  The simple design of this theme is great for nearly any kind of website, but particularly a photographer’s portfolio.  With so many people using smart phones and other mobile devices these days, it’s very important for a business to employ a responsive theme that makes for good user experience no matter the device.  Full Frame manages to look great on a desktop as well as those mobile devices, even with large images.  Full Frame is easy to customize, offers great looking gallery, audio, quote, links, videos and image post types, has several custom widgets and more.

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Eero WordPress minimalist blog and portfolio theme

Eero is an advanced WordPress blogging and gallery theme that’s totally responsive, which means that it looks great on all kinds of devices, from iPhones and Androids, to the largest HD monitor on the market.  That helps you frame your work in style, with tons of white space and style.  Now, simple, clean themes like Eero don’t have to be boring.  That’s all about your content and if you add the best looking images you can, with engaging and interesting text, you’re going to create an exciting and bold, daring and sticky website that everybody is going to love.  Eero has so many different gallery options, it’s insane.  There are masonry and column controls to go along with vertical galleries, horizontal galleries and thumbnail galleries.  With Vimeo support, you can add videos to any post or page, which is a nice touch.  There’s an advanced theme customizer for crafting just the look you want and Eero works with all the major plugins like Yoast for SEO, WooCommerce, TypeKit and more.  This is a responsive theme that I know you’re going to love.

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collecto wordpress responsive and minimal magazine theme

There are a multitude of responsive WordPress themes out there these days.  It seems like all WordPress themes are responsive and I guess the vast majority of them are.  Well, here’s another one.  It’s called Collecto and it’s a perfect example of what’s possible from a simple, minimal and beautiful WordPress blog theme.  Blogs and magazines almost have to be responsive themes, which makes sense.  So many people access blogs and magazines on their smart phones, which means they need to adapt to any screen size.  Collecto does that with tons of style.  With Collecto, you get a magazine theme that’s easy to use, easy to customize, it’s completely flexible in terms of features you can add, the support is fantastic and so much more.  You really will love this theme.

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freelancer wordpress responsive theme

Companies are not the only ones needing online advertising these days. The freelancer market is growing and competition for work is extremely fierce. This is why even a simple one-page site can do freelancers a lot of good.  One of the simplest but most effective one-page site themes to use is the Freelancer theme for WordPress. Ideal for one-page sites, the design is modern, sleek, and pretty straightforward.  There are different colors and backgrounds to be used. On that one page, freelancers can highlight their skills and tell potential clients why they would be the perfect candidate for a particular job.

The theme can also be customized to include previews of past work and other work-related stuff that could give potential clients an even better idea of what the website owner is capable of. Plus, it comes equipped with a quick contact form.  The theme is also highly responsive. This being said, it does not matter what type of device someone is accessing the website from. The website owner can rest assured that the site will function in the best possible way, each and every time.  Aside from being able to accommodate multiple devices, the theme is also compatible given different browsers.

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Vertex WordPress one page business theme

This is Vertex, from Elegant Themes.  This is a completely responsive one page WordPress theme with a cool, catchy and trendy parallax design.  That can help make a great first impression on your readers.  Stunning, that’s how Elegant Themes describes Vertex and I agree.  This theme promotes your products with style, gorgeous and smooth animations, telling your story via image galleries, sliders, team member biographies and testimonials from other customers.

Purely responsive, Vertex looks great on all devices and browsers and since every detail was meticulously crafted, the result is a fast loading SEO friendly site that can really help grow your business.  Vertex uses CSS media queries to show a different layout depending on what screen your readers are using, so they won’t have to zoom and scroll all over the place to see your posts and products.  That makes for a great user experience, which is critical to running your business.  Elegant Themes always provides great support and documentation for all their themes, so it should be very easy to get started with Vertex.

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crossway wordpress app landing page theme


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Amadeus WordPress premium blog theme


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RokoPhoto Pro

roko photo wordpress portfolio theme


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Montblanc WordPress One Page Parallax Business Theme

MontBlanc has it all, a great looking fullscreen layout, WooCommerce support, a beautiful blog and all the flexibility you need to craft an incredible website of your own.  this full featured theme can really help make your site stand out.

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Eris Creative WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

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Theme It

These are the best WordPress themes for showing off and selling, or renting, single properties.


Santorini is another amazing vacation home rental theme

I love the Santorini theme from CSS Igniter.  It’s not just that it’s beautiful, it’s just so incredible flexible.  That’s what I value, the ability to adapt a theme to look and feel just the way I want it to look.  That’s what Santorini is all about.  Sure, it’s SEO optimized for helping you rank in the SERPs, it’s completely responsive so it looks amazing on all devices, it loads up lightning fast, it’s coded with all the latest standards from the WordPress codex in mind.  That’s great.  That’s all the basic technical stuff you’d expect if you’re paying for a WordPress theme.  But Santorini has much more inside.

This unique design is powered by widgets, so you can add content, features and addons where you want them.  There’s a powerful booking form for letting customers get in touch with you to book a room.  You’ve got seven content types to choose from when you make a post.  The flexible homepage can be either boxed or full-width and there are so many more options and choices to make that really help you customize Santorini to be the best single property real estate theme around.

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Real Home

Real Home WordPress Single Property Real Estate Theme


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Home Zone

Home Zone Real Estate WordPress Theme



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Luxury Apartment

Luxury Apartment WOrdPress Theme



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Interior Pro

WordPress single property real estate theme

I hadn’t originally considered Interior Pro as a possible theme for single property real estate websites, until I ran across the website shown in the image above.  It’s a really nice use of this theme that was originally created for interior designers and similar businesses.  It doesn’t make a difference what type of property you’re selling or renting, from a beach house to a new apartment building, a condo development or a high priced city apartment, Interior Pro is a wonderful theme for highlighting the features of any single property.

With the latest features and code, Interior Pro is perfect for single property real estate sites, as Interior Pro is an unbelievably vibrant and cool adaptable website template, well suited for absolutely everyone. Despite the fact that you may be are unfamiliar with the WordPress CMS, you may use this WordPress theme to craft a cool and exceptional real estate website right away, since practically everything within this web theme may be edited, even by rookie WordPress consumers.  This single property WordPress real estate theme is high-powered, since it was carefully designed with every type of user at heart, from rookie to expert.

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Sun Resort

Sun Resort WordPress Hotel and Motel Theme

Sun Resort is a highly responsive, user friendly hotel and resorts WordPress theme that makes your resort, bed and breakfast or destination hotel look great. A wonderful website like Sun Resort can help you market your offerings passively.  Your website works even when you’re asleep.  That’s why I recommend a great looking, easy to use and simple to customize theme like Sun Resort.  It’s well worth the price, since it’s so easy to use and you’ll make your money back on the first booking.

Sun Resort has a drag and drop page builder included, making it easy to use widgetized areas and custom post types to build your site just like you want it to be.  Your images will look great too, framed with multiple color schemes.  There are user friendly options for making the typography fit your brand as well.  With the booking form that’s included, this really is a full featured and powerful way to create a great looking hotel website using WordPress.

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Theme It

Tyrion WordPress eCommerce business theme

Tyrion is a full featured eCommerce theme for fashion sites and more.Fashion

This gorgeous, convenient to use, modern, efficient and adaptable WooCommerce WordPress theme, called Tyrion, helps you to launch new merchandise, communicate with customers, advertise existing merchandise, supervise shipping and your stock and expand your small business and more. This great looking WooCommerce theme is simple to use, brilliant, versatile, well-built and filled with features, it’s flexible, dynamic and SEO optimized, great for apparel designers, small businesses, promotion businesses, online bicycle dealers or computer shops. You can create a wonderful first impression with a stylish WooCommerce theme for WordPress.

WooCommerce and parallax are a delicious combination and Tyrion provides it with this completely responsive offering.  And more.  This theme is by the same folks who created the Bazar and Maya themes, so it’s coded properly and has a lot of the same great features as those two all-time-greats.  Quality code.  Boat loads of positive reviews on Themeforest.  Fresh design.  Great support staff.  This thing has a lot going for it, which is nice!  A beautiful and well thought out WordPress WooCommerce theme with this array of cool features is tough to find, but well worth it.  Tyrion also offers the optional ‘quick view’ for products.  I’ve been asked by more than one person to start highlighting that feature, so there you have it.

WooCommerce Themes can be found here.

Tyrion uses the best known WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin: Visual Composer, as it is a very powerful and quite adaptable approach to build the style of web site you need with the design and functions you’d like to have. That makes Tyrion particularly strong for any sort of store.  The Visual Composer plugin works with the big third party plugins like Contact Form 7, both Gravity and Ninja Forms, WooCommerce, Revolution or Layer Sliders and Essential Grid. Folks really seem to enjoy the versatility to craft any kind of website, the simplicity of getting started, the high levels of compatibility, the low cost and the incredible tools that save you time. Check out the strong front end editor, purely responsive design, gigantic template library, tons of content elements and detailed documentation, plus a whole lot more.

I think Tyrion could be a great theme for our collection of WordPress Jewelry Shop Themes.  Maybe we’ll add it to that collection?

What does Tyrion bring to the table?


  • Wishlist feature
  • Ajax layered filter
  • Compare products feature
  • Zoom effect in the product detail page
  • Popup plugin included to show offers and news
  • Product options with images support (first theme on themeforest, view demo here)
  • Video support in the product page
  • Optionable Quick View feature
  • Optionable “PRODUCT ADDED” tooltip for a better user experience
  • “Catalog mode” to use the theme like a catalog, without the cart option and with a “product enquiry form”
  • Custom Live search for products

Now, how about design features?


  • Mobile friendly and retina-ready design;
  • Boxed or wide layout with 60+ custom backgrounds (+ background uploader)
  • Fully customizable design: set your color and your font for each section
  • Custom header support: upload your header image
  • Built-in Google fonts. 500+ Web Fonts Support with Preview</òi>
  • Beautiful checkout, cart and account area design
  • Custom login page


  • Compatible with WooComerce plugin
  • Multiple payment options and Supports Tax
  • User accounts and order tracking
  • YITH Ajax layered filter
  • List and Grid view in the shop page
  • Shipping Options
  • Coupons option
  • Downloadable/digital products support
  • Product sliders – best sellers, featured, top rating, on sale, recents – and product categories slider
  • Shortcodes for featured products, recent products, best sellers and general products (you can set how many items to show, the type of order and so on)
  • Compare feature
  • Wishlist feature
  • Share product feature to show the product page on your social channels
  • Detail page of the product with:
    • Multiple images for your product with slider and Zoom Effect
    • Related products, ratings and description tab
    • A “product enquiry” tab with a contact form: user can contact you to ask about products
    • Custom tabs: add custom content in the product page
    • Unlimited product variations option like size, colors and so on
  • 2 custom checkout pages (a nice javascript tabbed checkout page
  • “Catalog mode” to turn off the cart and use the theme like a catalog
  • Popup to show offers, special sales, news and so on!
  • Full WPML support with a widget in the header to show different languages
  • Javascript Cart tab


  • Sticky header
  • Megamenu with images support;
  • Optionable top banner: use it for your news/socials or remove it
  • Touch optimized Sliders and Banners;
  • Parallax slider
  • Unlimited parallax header on each page
  • Parallax shortcode: you can add custom parallax banners inside the pages
  • Revolution slider
  • Flexi slider (basic layout): a simple and responsive slideshow to display images;
  • Rotating Slider: a nice faded slider where you can set how many panel to display
  • Elastic Slider: original responsive slider;
  • Awkward slideshow: amazing slider, with thumbnails and tooltips!
  • Child theme support
  • 1170 pixel layout based on the Bootstrap Grid
  • Optionable “get in touch” lightbox
  • Shortcode manager with 300+ shortcodes
  • Filterable faqs
  • 15 custom widgets
  • Fully customizable 404 error page
  • Sitemap page
  • About & Services page
  • Testimonials page
  • Portfolio pages
  • Blog
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Unlimited animated banners
  • Unlimited contact forms with javascript error control

So, there you go, some fantastic stuff for WordPress.

For more themes, you may be interested in these incredible Business, Corporate WordPress Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce Themes.

Well, looks like Tyrion has been retired from ThemeForest.  But don’t worry, we’ve found some more great themes you could be interested in.  Check out the links below.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

For more great and powerful WordPress themes, we’ve got some collections for you to consider.

Theme It

Kwoon WordPress Premium eCommerce Theme

For a truly unique website that fulfills each and every one of your needs, the Kwoon WordPress theme may be the smartest choice. What kind of website do you want to have?  If you need a professional, well organized and feature filled theme, Kwoon fits the bill.  Built with sturdy code and the ultra-modern Twitter Bootstrap v3, every page of your site will have highly customizable layout options and design choices to make. Kwoon looks great on everything from a large monitor to a phone’s small screen because it offers fully responsive styling. Not only will look great to site visitors on the go, but it can also be updated that way as well. Post With Images – Kwoon WordPress Theme

The Kwoon WP theme comes with multiple header choices and several different layouts for blog pages, portfolios, galleries and sliders. Full control over color and typography choices gives you the power to create the best style that represents you or your company. Also included is an attractive Ajax header icon, WooCommerce shopping cart system integration for those who wish to sell products online and the ability to crop and edit photos and other graphics in the website interface itself. All these features and more can be dragged and dropped into place using the popular Visual Composer plug-in, which can transform a design headache into a quick and enjoyable experience.

Kwoon is a flat and responsive WordPress Theme with a clean and professional design which will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, blog or any other purpose website. Kwoon was built with awesome Twitter Bootstrap v3 and it loads of page builder elements pages with unlimited color options. Since it is responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

Let’s have a gander at some of the key features offered by Kwoon.

WooCommerce Support – Kwoon supports WooCommerce, absolutely.  The theme makers have created a wonderful set of styling for WooCommerce, and a bunch of custom goodies, from beautiful AJAX updating cart icon in the header.  Aw yeah, that’s neat!

Custom Image Cropping – If you’re sick and tired of not being able to choose the crop area of your featured images? No more, that’s a feature Kwoon is proud to offer.  You have absolute control over where your featured images crop.

Visual Composer Included, Free! – Everyone’s favourite page builder included.


So, that’s what they have to say about it.  I love a well supported theme, so that’s key for me.  Lots of themes look great, have tons of great features and all that, but if you can’t get help when you run into an issue, then what good does it do you?  That’s what I want to know.  Anyhow, let’s look at some more beautiful images from the demo.

Kwoon MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

WordPress Magazine Themes, Online Journals and Newspapers Layout – Blog 1 – Kwoon WordPress Theme

Some of Kwoon’s Biggest, Key Features

  • WP 4.4++ ready & 4.5+ ready & 4.8+ ready
  • One Click Demo Install
  • Amazing Visual Composer Included
  • Lightning Fast
  • Fully Localized and Translation Ready
  • Flat design
  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Parallax effect
  • 3 Homepage layouts, unlimited possibilities
  • Retina-ready graphics and icons
  • SEO-friendly
  • Fancybox ($19 value)
  • Pricing Table ($4 value)
  • Portfolio posts types
  • Filterable portfolio
  • Google Fonts
  • Rich styling options
  • Contact form 7 ready
  • Gravity Forms Ready
  • Help documentation
  • jQuery enhanced
  • Cross browser compatibility

Here’s a lovely boxed layout for blogs. – Boxed Classic Blog – Kwoon WordPress Theme

So, there you have it.  Kwoon.  Let us know what you think about it.


Theme It