Wedding Slide

WordPress wedding invitation theme


Wedding Slide is a wonderful and appealing, WordPress wedding invitation theme that is 100% responsive, simple to use, elegant and well styled.  This isn’t the most intricate and feature filled theme we’ve ever seen, but it works.  There are 50 stylish PNG images included to give your pages a unique, fun look.  Perfect for a wedding in spring, summer, fall or winter. Wedding Slide includes a bunch of shortcodes, it’s Retina display ready, has tons of backgrounds and transparent patterns included with your download.

With Wedding Slide, you can create a wedding site that allows you to tell your guests everything they need to know about attending the big day.  Choose from over 20 beautiful color schemes.  Select from over 50 background images.  Create the home page, pages about the bride and groom, RSVP pages and contact forms using Contact Form 7, registry tips, gift registry, contact forms and photo albums.

Frankly, one of the biggest things going for Wedding Slide, it’s cheap.  Clocking in at just $22, it’s priced right.  You’re not going to need a wedding site up for long and you’re never going to use it again, right?  Right?  I mean, let’s face it, you don’t need to spend a ton on this kind of thing.  You just install the damn thing, get the big day over with and move on, for crying out loud.  You don’t even need good hosting, you just need some janky shared host that can stay online for a few weeks.  You’ll never get a ton of traffic, so SEO doesn’t even matter.  You want a responsive theme and you want it to load fast.  And you want it cheap.

That’s Wedding Slide.

Here’s a closer look at some of those pages.

The blue colored home page.

The basic information about the wedding.

And finally, an image gallery.

So, that’s it, that’s all we’ve got to say about Wedding slide.  What do you think about it?  It’s pretty simple, that’s true.  There are some wedding themes for WordPress and other CMS setups that have more bells and whistles, but this one is cheap, it’s simple and it works pretty well.  As long as it fits your style, that’s really all that matters.

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Theme It

Herald Magazine WordPress Theme

Bloggers and other webmasters who need the ultimate in customization options will appreciate the Herald WordPress theme for its sense of freedom and fresh style. With an easy-to-understand module system, pages and posts can be arranged in any format you wish so that the content that matters attracts visitor attention as they browse the pages. More than 500 different combinations of layouts and options exist all within Herald’s package. Change the font color a typography. Include graphics, stock photography and videos too. Some pages can be full width while others use left, right or both sidebars. Custom widgets provide even more benefits.

Herald provides full support for multi-language translation and right to left (RTL) writing for languages like Hebrew or Japanese that use that style. Color-coding of categories allow users to further the organization of this WP theme’s smart post system. None of these changes are challenging in any way. The user-friendly yet powerful Theme Options Panel lets non-developers with no coding expertise make changes and updates without worry. Full documentation, video tutorials and a live preview can help you learn about the Herald WordPress theme and all it can do for you and your company.

Full Feature List

  • More than 500 home page layouts – Herald offers a highly flexible yet easy to setup module system where you can combine and display your articles in various ways.
  • Modular header – Herald has 3 header areas (top, middle, bottom) where you can display any of the elements as you wish. Possibilities are almost limitless!  WordPress Blog Themes, Personal, Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Performance options – It is possible to load all JS and CSS files combined into a single compressed file for the best possible speed.
  • Multiple Layouts for Single Blog Post – With 9 different layouts for single post view to suit your taste and needs.
  • Smart Categories – Each category on your website may have its own specific layout and color.
  • Support for custom post types in modules – If any public custom post type is registered it will be automatically detected in modules
  • Support for Co-Authors Plus WordPress Plugin – Now you can easily set multiple authors for a single post
  • Simple Ads System – Predefined ad slots to embed your ads and monetize your website easily.
  • Responsive Design – Our Responsive design means your content will scale seamlessly on almost every device including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Advanced Theme Options Panel – Herald comes with an advanced, easy to use Theme Options Panel. Setup your website in as little as 5 minutes!
  • Branding – Unlimited Fonts & Colors – Herald provides options for unlimited fonts and colors as well as options to upload your logo and icons, depending on your taste. Add your personal touch to this theme!
  • Unlimited Sidebars + Sticky Sidebars – You can add as many sidebars as you want. Then you can assign specific sidebar to any Post, Page or a Category. Apply Sticky Sidebars to each template which means that those widgets will be always visible while you scroll through the website content.
  • 4 Pagination Types (including infinite scroll) – You can have a classic “older posts / newer posts” navigation, numeric pagination, load posts with “more” button, or apply infinite scrolling to your pages.  WordPress Women’s Themes, Feminine, Girly, Elegant and Beautiful
  • Additional Custom Widgets – Besides standard WordPress widgets, we provide several custom widgets for more cool features.
  • Paginated/multi-page posts – For those who use ads on their websites, we have created a very intuitive design for posts which are split into multiple pages. Boost your page views with ease!
  • Support for post views number – We provide support for Entry Views WordPress plugin which is used to count views for each post. We also provide smart options so your posts can be selected and ordered by number of views.
  • Related posts – Of course you could use one of many Related Post plugins, instead Herald includes a simple, yet powerful, solution for displaying Related Posts within any particular Post with no additional plugin required!
  • Built-in Theme Translator – If you want to modify or translate the text on your website, you can do it very easily in the theme options panel. Note that .po and .mo language files are provided. Standard WordPress translation or Multilingual Website is also supported.
  • One Click Easy Updates – Connect your website with the Envato official API and receive notifications about all updates through your admin dashboard. Every time we release a new version, you can update this Theme with a single click.
  • Shortcodes – Add stylish elements to your content with 12 flexible shortcodes. Columns, separators, highlights, dropcaps… to name just a few.
  • Social Sharing Integrated – Allow visitors to quickly share your posts on most popular social networks.
  • Post formats support – Besides standard posts, this theme supports video, audio, image and gallery post formats. Also, most WordPress common embedding features are supported so you can embed facebook statuses, tweets, instagram, soundcloud, youtube, vimeo…
  • RTL Support – If you are using your website for right-to-left oriented reading, there is a simple option for it!
  • Full Documentation – Learn how to setup this theme step by step and use its options and features quickly and easily with comprehensive documentation.
  • Dedicated Support – If you have any questions, issues, feature ideas, do not hesitate to contact us. We do our best to respond as soon as possible and help you out!

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Theme It

caresland wordpress kindergarten theme

Caresland is a WordPress theme specifically designed for businesses and organizations involved in childcare or daycare services. It offers a youthful and jolly feel through its usage of light colors and large shapes. The theme is designed to invite possible clients or partners to know more about your organization or business. Caresland is currently priced at $67.00.

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that supports your childcare or daycare business, Caresland is the right theme for you. With the advent of technology, parents are becoming busier and often need services to help them manage their children while they work. To respond to this, childcare and daycare businesses must be ready to impress potential clients with a responsive and attractive website. Caresland was designed to appeal to busy parents who wish to know more about the services through the internet.

The theme is fully functional across all mobile platforms on top of the desktop compatibility. Additionally, you can use sliders and other widgets to showcase your business’s equipment and other services. You can also integrate specialized tabs to lead to your About Us, Gallery, or Contact Us pages.

Caresland’s default theme features a clean white background contrasted with dark yellow segments on the content. Overall, the theme looks homey and inviting. Custom icons are available to link to your various social media accounts. These icons look like chalkboard drawings, which add to the charm of the website theme.

With the PRO version, the theme is fully customizable. You can choose what sliders or widgets to include depending on what your business needs. You can also alter the color scheme, logo, and amount of text boxes in the overall theme.

There is also a specialized Events page that can help your readers know the date, location, and other details of your activities such as plays and other games. This is programmed directly into the theme and no add-ons or widgets are necessary.

The other ThemeIsle themes are here.

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Theme It

With the Barberry theme, straightforward doesn’t have to mean boring. Product galleries, marketing collateral, and whatever you want to visually communicate are extremely easy to highlight and feature with the minimal colors and no-nonsense design not normally present in WordPress WooCommerce themes. The look is modern, geometric, and very urban, easily setting the mood for shopping.  What kind of products will work best with Barberry?  That’s up to you but I think fashion lines, books, watches, handbags and other items like that may be perfect.  The choice is yours though, no matter what you’re selling, Barberry is a high class pick for an eCommerce site.

While there are as many features as there are stars in the sky, one of the most popular is the thumbnail animation. When a cursor lands and then rests on an image, the thumbnail can show up to three product photos, making browsing not only easy but so tempting.

The slider can also feature customizable captions, so it transcends its decorative functions and performs as the site’s most prominent marketing avenue.

The layout is customizable (by page, even), but will always retain its most sellable draw—a look that highlights function and is meant to convert. Easy navigation and an intuitive interface seem to have been the winners over fluff and animation, if there ever was a deliberation during the design and development process.

This is one of the few WordPress WooCommerce themes out there that can carry heavy text without losing aesthetic appeal. Barberry seems to have been built to tie elements together, no matter how diverse the material.

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Oh no!  they’ve gone and pulled the plug on Barberry, which is a shame, since it was a pretty solid WordPress theme.  but never fear, we’ve gathered up some collections of themes that may be of interest to you.  If you want a great WooCommerce theme that simple to use, some of the following themes may be right up your alley.

Theme It

Interior Creative WordPress Theme

Interior Pro is a great theme for showcasing your content, whether it’s blog posts or image galleries.  No matter what the subject matter of your blog, Interior Pro is a wonderful digital presence, perfectly framing everything you produce.  Great for agencies and other creative companies.  Now that you have a great looking theme, it’s time to get creative.  This beautiful Interior Pro Genesis Framework child theme is totally flexible and feature filled that help your website succeed, no matter what your site is about.  Interior Pro is a delightful premium, responsive WordPress theme that is based on the Genesis Framework, a wonderfully simple and elegant solution for creating a full-featured website on nearly any topic.  With a live customizer, tons of font and color options, multiple post and page layouts, Interior Pro is one of the best creative WordPress themes we’ve seen this year.

Interior Pro’s demo indicates it’s for an interior design company or home remodeling firm, but there’s nothing stopping any creative agency or freelancer from making a wonderful looking site to promote any sort of creative work, from writing to painting, landscaping to architecture.  The design is simple enough to work for almost any purpose.

For more outstanding creative portfolio themes for WordPress, try our collection.  If it’s agency themes you’re looking for, we’ve got those too.  Or just looking for an all around creative theme?  Why not check these out?

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Theme It

HostHubs Responsive Web Hosting Website Template

This is a hosting company in a box.  That’s a powerful thing, particularly if you don’t want to have to code an entire website from scratch.

Made by WordPress Showcase and based on the Twitter Boostrap framework with clean HTML5 and CSS3 code, HostHubs is meant to take the stress and strain out of crafting a professional, full service hosting company site.  There’s a ton that has to go into every hosting company, so having a theme that’s built from the ground up to handle the traffic and the server load of a popular hosting company, it’s really a big thing.

Cloud servers, dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS, you can offer all the most popular web hosting services from your very own domain.  Compatible with WHMCS, HostHubs has everything you need to craft a high tech, easy to use host site.

Hosting other peoples’ websites can be a lucrative business and if you get started now, you can start earning recurring income each tome somebody signs up for a monthly or yearly plan.  For web design companies, that money can really multiply.  It’s the power of passive income and I absolutely love passive income.

Your website is earning money, even while you’re asleep.

Here’s a shot at the customer login page.  Simple and effective.

HostHubs Customer login screen

Sure, there are other hosting templates available like MaxHost or Easy Host, but I really like the look of HostHubs.  Check out the plans and pricing page.  It’s simple, clean, completely responsive and nicely arranged.  Flexible too, which is a key component to any great website.

HostHubs Responsive Web Hosting Website Template Pricing table

The HostHubs blog page is simple too, helping you stay in contact with your customers and potential customers alike.  It’s a really fantastic platform for helping you create new customers ass well, since a constantly updated blog is an evergreen source of traffic for your website.  There are unlimited front page styles to choose from too, so it’s not just your blog that’s going to look exactly like you want it to look.

HostHubs Responsive Web Hosting Website Template(3)

Live Chat, helpdesk tickets, knowledge base pages, those are all critical for running any business, but particularly important for a web host.  With HostHubs, they’re all just as crystal clear as the pages I’ve shown you above.

You can even sell domain names!

Diversity is the key to earning passive income and with HostHubs, you get multiple streams to make a little money from every month.  And since this theme is so incredibly smooth and easy to use, you’re definitely going to get a lot of folks who want to sign up for your services.

So, that’s HostHubs for you.  What do you think?  If you choose this theme, we’d love to hear your own personal review of it to go along with ours.  Stay tuned for more great reviews in the near future.

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Theme It

Alona WordPress Theme

Creative professionals, design professionals, freelance  graphic designers, artists and tech-savvy developers need a quality WordPress theme like Alona.  Why?  Well, you want to put your best foot forward, right?  To present their products and services to consumers in a way that makes those products look professional and makes those valuable services look like relative bargains to boot. This theme offers simplicity that does not get in the way of content while giving plenty of options for different layouts and included features. Your photograph, artwork or product is the focus, not the template itself. Alona uses Bootstrap 3 technology, which allows for simple customization, and is up to date for WordPress 4.0 and beyond. Every layout offers completely automatic responsiveness for the best possible appearance on everything from a large desktop screen to a small cell phone. Alona offers a retina ready graphic experience.  WordPress Gallery Themes, Image Galleries for Photos

Built with HTML5 and CSS3, this WP theme loads quickly and has natural SEO benefits that will help your pages place well in the search engine rankings.  WordPress Coming Soon Themes, Countdowns and Under Construction

The flexibility and multiple options offered by Alona allows for a nearly infinite number of layout options. It includes four gallery layout options: grid, projects, vertical and horizontal. Use one style for the entire website or customize each portfolio page with a different one. This theme is fully integrated with all Google fonts, FontAwesome icons, Parallax section scrolling and slider options for posts formatting. The user-friendly interface allows admins of any skill level to make changes and updates to the Alona WordPress site.

Share It, Bakery, Fashion Store, Minimalist and Gaming Theme

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Theme It