With the Barberry theme, straightforward doesn’t have to mean boring. Product galleries, marketing collateral, and whatever you want to visually communicate are extremely easy to highlight and feature with the minimal colors and no-nonsense design not normally present in WordPress WooCommerce themes. The look is modern, geometric, and very urban, easily setting the mood for shopping.  What kind of products will work best with Barberry?  That’s up to you but I think fashion lines, books, watches, handbags and other items like that may be perfect.  The choice is yours though, no matter what you’re selling, Barberry is a high class pick for an eCommerce site.

While there are as many features as there are stars in the sky, one of the most popular is the thumbnail animation. When a cursor lands and then rests on an image, the thumbnail can show up to three product photos, making browsing not only easy but so tempting.

The slider can also feature customizable captions, so it transcends its decorative functions and performs as the site’s most prominent marketing avenue.

The layout is customizable (by page, even), but will always retain its most sellable draw—a look that highlights function and is meant to convert. Easy navigation and an intuitive interface seem to have been the winners over fluff and animation, if there ever was a deliberation during the design and development process.

This is one of the few WordPress WooCommerce themes out there that can carry heavy text without losing aesthetic appeal. Barberry seems to have been built to tie elements together, no matter how diverse the material.

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Oh no!  they’ve gone and pulled the plug on Barberry, which is a shame, since it was a pretty solid WordPress theme.  but never fear, we’ve gathered up some collections of themes that may be of interest to you.  If you want a great WooCommerce theme that simple to use, some of the following themes may be right up your alley.

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