Bimber is a High Quality Viral Magazine Theme

Bimber is clearly one of the best viral magazine themes on the market, the sheer number of downloads speak for themselves.  This theme gets around 600 to 700 downloads a month and it’s closing in on 5000 downloads as I type this.  But I feel like there’s more to it than just the popularity that makes Bimber such a popular choice for so many.

Whether you’re making listicles with images, gifs or videos, you have the ability to sort posts by hot, trending or popular posts.  There are fancy looking badges you can add too, for any category of ‘hotness’.  Share count can be shown and you can add a visibility threshhold so posts that haven’t been shared yet will not appear on the front page, same goes for view counts.

Don’t worry, you’ll be getting tons of shares and views too.

There are optional NSFW tags (not safe for work, but you already knew that) you can apply to posts, you can add powerful sharing buttons with big, attractive calls to action.  Monetize your site with AdSense or something like Outbrain, Taboola or RevContent.  With the multiple advertising slots, you can automatically inject ads into post listings, place ads in sidebar areas or basically anywhere else you want them.

Mailchimp integration means you can rapidly build a mailing list, keeping your users up to date on the newest content.

Bimber even allows for front end submission so your users can create and share dank memes.  The Snax Viral Front-End Uploader is the tool of choice here and it works really well.

With Bimber, you can establish a viral website in just a single day.  It used to be, you’d have to weeks to months with a developer, trying to get all the features and functionality you wanted, spending probably well into four figures to get it done.

Now, for $59 and a fresh copy of WordPress, you can have the same results.

Maybe even better results, there are so many different demo sites included, you could use this one theme in multiple ways, depending on what your site’s needs are.

Let’s highlight some of the great demo sites that are included with every license purchase.

Gagster, for your viral jokes websites.  Look out 9gag, Bimber is a worthy adversary.

Gagster Demo - Viral WordPress Theme

Swagga, which is bold and brash, perfect for highly marketable content where you use Adsense to monetize your content.  For more Adsense ready WordPress themes, check out the collection we’ve made.  Buzzfeed’s got nothing on Bimber.

Swagga Demo - Viral & Buzz Theme - It's all about celebrities

This one is Smiley, maybe ideal for targeting content that appeals to kids?

-Bimber Smiley Demo - Viral, Buzz Theme

The Wall is a little different, it’s got a distinct, appealing Pinterest style layout.  Big, bold images are going to be key here, so if you’re developing a lot of that kind of content, or popular listicles, this could be the demo site you’re most into. Wall Demo - Viral WordPress Theme

Bad Boy is great for content that’s a little more in depth.  This one is ideal for magazine articles that are viral in nature.  For more WordPress magazine themes, check out our collection. BadBoy Demo - Viral, Buzz Theme

Minimal is probably the simplest layout.  It’s not exactly a minimalist theme by any stretch of the imagination, but it is quite simple compared to some of the other designs that are offered.  For minimalist WordPress themes, we’ve made a big collection of many of the very best. - Viral, Buzz Theme Minimal

Here’s one called Geeky, it’s a slightly different style with two main articles highlighted at a time.  Great for tech news and other fancy, inspiring and cool news. Bimber demo - Viral, Buzz Theme

Affiliate is, not shocklingly, an affiliate WordPress theme that’s all about affiliate marketing and it’s a tight, high converting theme that looks great too.  To learn more about how to start a money-making affiliate website, check this out. Affiliate Demo - Viral Magazine Theme

Bunchy is a general purpose viral theme, cat videos here we come! - Viral WordPress Theme with Open Lists

And last but not least, Community.  By the name, you might guess it’s a BuddyPress WordPress theme and you’d be right.  It’s a full featured theme supporting BuddyPress and bbPress, which is the combo you really need to craft a great community based around your viral content. Bimber Demo - Viral WordPress Theme

Okay, so that’s what Bimber looks like, but what else can Bimber do for you?

Bimber Features

  • 100% responsive design, the industry standard.
  • Retina ready, high resolution images.
  • Cross browser compatibility, works great with every browser.
  • SEO optimized and Compatible with all Major WordPress SEO plugins
  • Optimized for Google PageSpeed, which helps rankings.
  • Microdata, rich snippets support for better click through rates.
  • Translation ready, works in every single language.
  • Full RTL support (right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew)
  • Support for multi page articles, increase those page views!
  • Compatible with caching plugins (WP Super Cache, WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache)
  • Custom Facebook Widget, get your social media campaign off to a flying start.

And a whole lot more.  In closing, Bimber is a really great theme for viral marketing.  Definitely worth a your consideration.

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