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The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

This is BrightFuture, a new WordPress out in the first week of November, 2017.  It’s kind of familiar looking to be honest, I just reviewed a theme yesterday that has a very, very similar look.  Penelope.  They’re really both similar, but then again, there are a lot of themes that look vaguely like both Penelope and BrightFuture, including some of our free themes like Quartz and Silverbow.  But that’s what makes a horse race, little differences.

Since I saw the title, I’ve been thinking about a song by one of my favorite bands.  Catchy tune.  Anywho.

What’s to like about BrightFuture?  Well, I think the design is great.  It’s clean, it’s professional, trendy right now.  On fleek as the kids say.  Or used to say?  No clue.  I love the Raleway font anyway, I’m a sucker for it and I think the headings being done in Raleway is a nice touch.  This one column with sidebar thing is really popular right now.  The three images at the top, equally popular.  There are pre-made about, contact and archive pages, which can be helpful for some. While it’s not a video theme per sé, it does offer the ability to embed or link videos, which can be helpful.

Simple, to the point, familiar but with a touch of new, novel flair.

Bright Future is a tytpography heavy blog theme

I got a bright future in sales. Actually, strike that, don’t listen to me. BrightFuture doesn’t have eCommerce capability as of this writing.

BrightFuture’s creator, Wope Themes, claims that Bright Future it going to be an SEO powerhouse, thanks to their proprietary framework and built in SEO practices.  I’m not sure it’s quite up to Genesis level, but it appears that the theme itself is fairly lightweight.

BrightFuture (not sure if it’s a camel case title or actually Bright Future?) is responsive, so that should help with ranking, or at least not hurt it.  Google can be fickle, but responsive sites do give a slight bump to rankings, so it’s worth noting.  Plus, responsive sites just look better.  Nothing worse than a static site on a mobile device.


Bright Future is compatible with All In One SEO or Yoast, if you prefer that route.  They say the pages load fast but then again, a lot of sites make that claim.  You know who doesn’t lie?  GTMetrix.

Let’s get to the bottom of this mystery.

GTMetrix for Bright Future WordPress Theme

Bright Future is fast, but not blazingly fast. Why they didn’t set up browser cache, I’ll never know.

Well, obviously the YSlow score is terrible.  Looking into why, they haven’t added expires headers, there are too many HTTP requests and they don’t use a content delivery network.  So, those problems aren’t baked into the theme and they can be solved.  Combining the 16 external javascripts and 11 external style sheets would be a pretty big head start to doing that, I’d say.

PageSpeed isn’t incredible either, but that’s because they didn’t leverage browser caching and they haven’t even optimized images.  I get it for a demo site, you might not want to overoptimize your images, but that’s going to lead to a pretty bad score.  In the real world, you’d definitely have a browser cache set up and your images would be somewhat optimized.  So, I’ll say it’s probably fairly fast, but not incredible.  Maybe the next update, we’ll learn more.

Okay, so I did their Pingdom score too.  Much better, but they needed to leverage browser caching again.

Pingdom test for Bright Future

Much better score from Pingdom. Faster than many.  Most even.

So, what else is going on with this theme?  Let’s have a peek at some of the features BrightFuture offers.

Shortcodes and post types and widgets, Oh my!

Like everybody does, Bright Future has all those things.  But, at least it has them.  That’s a good thing.  Look at all the old classics here.


  • Button Shortcodes
  • Custom List Shortcodes
  • Info Box Shortcodes
  • Dropcap Shortcodes
  • Accordion Shortcodes
  • Tab Shortcodes
  • Social Icons Shortcodes
  • Columns Shortcodes
  • Archive Shortcodes

Nine Post Type Support

  • Features image
  • Image Slider
  • Youtube Video
  • Vimeo video
  • Soundcloud
  • Google Map
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Text

Included many Useful Widgets

  • Subscribe
  • Promote box
  • Popular post
  • Popular tabs
  • Hot video

And then there are the options, which are plentiful and appear to be pretty standard and easy to use.

Advance Theme Options

  • Uploading Logo and Retina Logo easily.
  • Uploading your site favicon
  • Adding custom css,javascript without touching any code!
  • Uploading the footer logo and retina footer logo easily.
  • Update your copyright
  • Footer callout options
  • Uploading your header image on homepage
  • Call to action box in the header of homepage
  • 8 predefined sidebars and unlimited sidebars for pages.
  • 12 predefined color schemes and unlimited color schemes to fit any brands!
  • 600+ Google font options!
  • Show/hide Relative posts
  • show/hide social buttons.
  • Social header options

So yeah, that’s pretty much it.  The design is nice, it does load up fast and it’s pretty simple to customize this theme.  I like that it’s not one of these themes that uses Visual Composer as a crutch.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some great drag and drop themes out there, but you don’t need to use VC for literally everything you do, do you?  Some do.  I don’t.

So, there it is.  Let us know what you think of Bright Future.  If you use it, we’d love to see what your site looks like so drop us a line.

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