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Bunchy is a new innovation. It is a powerful initiative that can turn the visitors of your site into content creators. It will not only make visitors contribute to your content, it will also make them have fun doing so. It is the first and only WordPress theme that offers an open list.

It allows visitors and regular users to contribute to already published posts by submitting new content to them. It also allows them rate posts by either voting them up or voting them down. It is about the best post sharing platform. With Bunchy, virtually all your posts will go viral.

With its open list feature, visitors and community users can create an open list of posts with its frontend user interface. They can also submit videos, images and other forms of embedment from Instagram and other social media platforms.

This feature also allows users to either upvote (rate high) or downvote (rate low) every published post be it a text, an image or a video clip. Bunchy also has automatic integrated adverts, integrated pagination and integrated sharing buttons for users to be able to share any post on different social media.

This powerful WordPress theme is powered by BuddyPress plugin which gives users custom alerts on any new vote and list items like new image or video. There is a customized profile section available for every user that gives statistics on submitted list items, published posts and votes. What really strikes users most about this tool is its smooth integration with the WordPress Social Login plugin that makes it possible for users to sign in with any of their social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

It makes every post go viral with features listed below.

•It makes visitors and users stay longer on every page with sections like “Don’t miss”, “More from category” and “You may also like”.

•Beautiful badges for hot and trending posts are available

•Share count, view count and comment count visibility thresholds are also available

•There are links for hot and trending posts

•It allows users to create “listicles” with embeds, videos, gifs and embeds

Bunchy offers several dedicated powerful social sharing buttons for sharing posts. Some of these buttons have been listed below.

• It has a virtual share counts to encourage new users

• It has a dedicated button for image sharing

• It also has a separate display share buttons

• It also has big buttons with clear commands

To enhance a friendly user interface, it offers the following features:

•It is very responsive to design

•It is friendly to Retina

•It is cross browser enabled

•It offers optimization for SEO by virtue of being compatible with all SEO plugins.

• It is also optimized for Google PageSpeed

In conclusion, Bunchy is one of its kind. It is a very powerful tool for publicity. It is also noteworthy that Bunchy has many more benefits than the ones mentioned above.

Not shocking, but the makers of Bunch have created another great theme called Bimber.  Have a look.

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