Elitario WordPress theme for Liquor Stores

Elitario looks like it smells of rich leatherbound books and beard oil, with hints of vanilla, Pinot Noir, Cuban cigar smoke and broken dreams.  This thing is pure richness, visually, and it’s backed up by a rich set of features under the hood too.  That’s a great thing, since it runs $114!  Yikes!   but if you want the classiest liquor store in town, sometimes you have to shell out some dollars to make the deal work.

While Elitario is skinned as a liquor store theme, that’s not all this beautiful theme could be perfect for.  Anything where you need to class it up, that’s going to look amazing with Elitario.  Cigars?  Wine?  Watches?  Clothing?  Shoes?  Handbags?  Pistachio nuts?  Red pistachio nuts?

Everything about this theme screams ‘hipster’ which is trendy these days, so I guess that’s good.  From the gallery page to the testimonials, the multiple home page designs, even the WooCommerce shop.  Everything in this theme is classy.

Now, you just need to download it, install it and start your own business.  It’s just that easy.

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