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Emporia is a deceptively simple looking WordPress blogging theme, offering up a polished, well designed, modern and highly crafted style.   It was designed and built especially for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase and highlight their artwork with as few distractions as possible. That sort of simple, minimalist and modern design is incredibly popular right now, for good reason.  A simple, clean, sleek and modern site design, with clear navigation and no clutter, makes your content seem even more important than it would with a more complex design.  Exactly as it should be, right?  If you’re after a simple WordPress theme that doesn’t scrimp on features and flexibility, Emporia is definitely a template you out to take a hard look at.  Half blog, half portfolio, Emporia walks a fine line, but does it well.  Some blogs won’t work as portfolios and some portfolios simply don’t have an attractive blog ability.  Emporia has both and they’re both really well made.  Having both designs offers you a level of flexibility, so that you can have both aspects to help promote your business.  The simple, but powerful, theme options page handles all the styling choices you might want to make, so you’ll have full control over typography and colors, as well as the background color or image.

GraphPaper Press image galleries for Emporia

Let’s talk about a portfolio theme.  You desire it to be eye catching on every size or type of electronic device, right?  That’s a really important factor when purchasing a WordPress portfolio theme.  Emporia has what you are seeking, a purely, totally responsive layout on every size computer screen, no matter what. This type of attribute is very significant today, some would say it is vital, because websites that display perfectly on every apparatus have a tendency to outrank their competition with similar fixed width websites. Your customers, subscribers and other users will value the fact that it’s responsive when they attempt to get your site on a device like iPhone or an Android.  Any internet enabled computer will show the site as it’s meant to be shown.  Don’t forget to add your Google Analytics account to keep track of your traffic, which can be readily accomplished in the ‘theme options’ panel. In general, if you want a fantastic looking WordPress theme that is not difficult to use and customize, Emporia could be the appropriate selection.

Graphpaper Press Blog Theme called Emporia

Okay, that’s the rundown on GraphPaper Press’ Emporia WordPress theme.  For more GraphPaper Press themes, check out their entire theme collection.

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