Feel the need for speed?  We’ve got you covered.

A fast loading website is a great thing to behold.  There’s a lot of reasons for that, but the biggest reason?  It helps your rankings.

No kidding.

google has decided that a fast loading theme should actually be a ranking factor.  In fact, I’ve found out the hard way that this is absolutely true.  I was using a bloated theme that I won’t name, found that my traffic had slipped a little bit.  Poking around and talking to some SEO friends, I foud out that my site’s load speed may have been a factor.


So, I installed a fast loading theme and the difference has been incredible.  Without doing anything else, I saw a big bounce in traffic and there’s really nothing else I can attribute it to.  Now, you may not have been using a slow, bloated ‘premium’ theme like the one I was using, so your results may vary.  But the one thing I guarantee is this, these are some of the fastest themes available as rated by GTMetrix.

Here they are, the best fast loading WordPress themes around.



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