This theme is called Giulia. (That’s sort of hard to type, but please bear with me.)

Giulia is a modern, full featured restaurant theme that’s just hit the market in November, 2017.  I think this one is destined for big things, since it’s already been downloaded quite few times in the first couple days.  Good work Giulia.  (I’m copy and pasting the name now, it was hard to type.)

Let’s see what the theme maker, YoSoftware, has to say about Giulia.  (Ha, I just noticed they actually have it spelled two different ways on the demo page!  It’s not just me!!)

Giulia is a modern theme with traditional flavour, unique & highly functional WordPress theme suitable for any restaurant, cafe, winery, sushi bar, bistro, bar, pub and-and any other food-related businesses.

Giulia is proud of its beautiful design. Theme offers all essential restaurant features such as menu, gallery, blog, contact, team and of course an online reservation.

Giulia is all you need to get you started on your restaurant website in a matter of minutes!

Okay, okay, I’ll be the judge of that.

The front page looks nice but I’m afraid that animated image could get really old really quickly.  I mean, it’s not a full blown video, but the sort of pan and scan image that I really don’t like.  Is that Ken Burns?  I think it is.  Luckily, they do offer a static image option for those who are a little less daring, like me.

Here’s a peek at the food menu page.  Nicely arranged, simple, clear, nice typography.  I think it works well.

Menu – Giulia

Plenty of restaurant sites don’t have a blog.  You should have one.  Speaking of blogs, I really liked one I just reviewed called Asprilla.  Check that out here.

Blog – Giulia

And why not, here’s an image gallery page to show off what your food looks like.  Masonry goodness.

Gallery Masonry – Giulia

With Giulia, you get an elegant, modern theme, one that would be perfect for a high end restaurant.  I really don’t think this theme is appropriate for a BBQ joint or a diner or something like that, but a French restaurant?  A high end steak house?  A seafood place?  Maybe this theme could work and work very well.

Visual Composer is included, which means you can drag and drop your way to a great layout no matter what style you want it.  There are, of course, contact forms and reservation systems available for WordPress that can help make this theme work for all purposes.  Those are totally optional though, I know a lot of restaurants don’t love to take reservations.  I understand.

One other great feature that’s included with the Giulia theme, a newsletter.  That’s big, if you capture customers emails, you can help keep them abreast of any menu changes, promotions or special events that you may have upcoming.  That’s big.  Not enough restaurants have that capability and if you want to compete in the very difficult restaurant world, any little ende you can give yourself can be huge.

Okay, that’s what I have to say about that.  What do you think?  What kind of restaurant do you have and what type of theme are you looking for?  We’d love to help you find more amazing themes so check back here often.

Thanks for reading!

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