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Here’s Gridlabs, an IT company theme that’s perfect for SEO businesses, application sales and tech support.  What else can you nerds need?

Gridlabs IT theme for WordPress

Gridlabs is a full featured IT company theme, with a beautiful blogging page, well, seven blogging pages really, but who’s counting?  There’s a page highlighting your services as well as the latest products your company has to offer.  There’s a clients page, an about us page and of course, the main front page your site will call home.

Gridlabs is a nice one, it’s well designed, I love the typography and since it was so carefully constructed, it works great in terms of SEO.  Elementor Page builder is the tool behind this successful and attractive theme and it’s an easy way to create a website that looks just like you want it to look.

Images are included!  I repeat, images ARE included!  That is all!

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