This is Hallo.  Hallo is a new theme in November, 2017, from a relatively new theme developer called T2Theme.  T2Theme have created only three other themes, which we’ll try to get reviews done on in the near future.

Unfortunately, none of their themes have been rated yet, which leaves us guessing and going on gut instinct as to whether or not to recommend this theme to our readers.

Hallo is called a lifestyle blog theme though a personal blog would be just as effective a use for a theme like Hallo.

So, Hallo is priced at $49, a reasonable to slightly cheap price for a theme. Here’s the theme developer’s desription.

Hallo is a beautiful and stylish responsive WordPress Blog Theme. Hallo is lightweight, fast and is optimized for best performance and SEO (search engine optimization). Built with the latest technologies, Hallo is compatible with all modern browsers, responsive in all screens!

Okay, it ticks the big boxes.  Fast, responsive, stylish.  Here’s one more look at the front page.

Okay, here are some of the features.  We’ve got:

  • 1 click installation, quick easy and rocket fast they say.
  • real time WordPress customizer, simple and familiar way to edit your website.
  • Unlimited color schemes, unlimited because they’re free!
  • Contact Form 7, the easiest way to get in contact with your site.
  • WooCommerce Support, online shopping with the premium free eCommerce system for WordPress.
  • SEO friendly, thanks to fast load times and clean HTML6 and CSS3 doe.
  • Compatible with all browsers, even the old junky ones.
  • Tons of useful shortcodes included.

So, that’s Hallo. What are my thoughts?  Well, it’s not the most stylish and attractive theme around.

Oh yeah, I went and did the Pingdom test. speed test for Hallo WordPress Theme

Yikes, Melbourne?  Still, 2.81 seconds isn’t bad and I’m not even sure the site was cached yet.  Let’s try that again, a bit closer to home.

San Jose Pingdom test for Hallo

Okay, much better.  Yep, Hallo does qualify as a fast loading theme, I’ll give it that.  The code does appear to be strong and free from bloat, the site loads very fast as you can see from the two demos.  It’s a WooCommerce ready theme if you want to sell some products.  You can integrate Instagram widgets and I’d say overall, Hallo does a solid job with social media, though not the best I’ve ever seen.

It’s a solid theme, really.  Workman like.  It’s crafted.  It’s sturdy, steady…maybe a little bit boring even?  But it is solid, fast and reliable.  All things considered, I’m a tiny bit surprised that T2Themes other offerings aren’t a little more popular but I’m not at all surprised that they’re not massive hits either.

It’s sort of a case of, if this theme is the exact style you want your site to be, you’re probably going to like it just fine.  If it’s not your style, you’re going to be pretty disappointed.   I’m sort of reminded of another blog theme called Asprilla, which I personally liked a whole lot better, but it’s definitely a theme where personal taste plays a big part in whether you like the theme or not.

Anyway, on with the show.  Links to follow.

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