HostHubs Responsive Web Hosting Website Template

This is a hosting company in a box.  That’s a powerful thing, particularly if you don’t want to have to code an entire website from scratch.

Made by WordPress Showcase and based on the Twitter Boostrap framework with clean HTML5 and CSS3 code, HostHubs is meant to take the stress and strain out of crafting a professional, full service hosting company site.  There’s a ton that has to go into every hosting company, so having a theme that’s built from the ground up to handle the traffic and the server load of a popular hosting company, it’s really a big thing.

Cloud servers, dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS, you can offer all the most popular web hosting services from your very own domain.  Compatible with WHMCS, HostHubs has everything you need to craft a high tech, easy to use host site.

Hosting other peoples’ websites can be a lucrative business and if you get started now, you can start earning recurring income each tome somebody signs up for a monthly or yearly plan.  For web design companies, that money can really multiply.  It’s the power of passive income and I absolutely love passive income.

Your website is earning money, even while you’re asleep.

Here’s a shot at the customer login page.  Simple and effective.

HostHubs Customer login screen

Sure, there are other hosting templates available like MaxHost or Easy Host, but I really like the look of HostHubs.  Check out the plans and pricing page.  It’s simple, clean, completely responsive and nicely arranged.  Flexible too, which is a key component to any great website.

HostHubs Responsive Web Hosting Website Template Pricing table

The HostHubs blog page is simple too, helping you stay in contact with your customers and potential customers alike.  It’s a really fantastic platform for helping you create new customers ass well, since a constantly updated blog is an evergreen source of traffic for your website.  There are unlimited front page styles to choose from too, so it’s not just your blog that’s going to look exactly like you want it to look.

HostHubs Responsive Web Hosting Website Template(3)

Live Chat, helpdesk tickets, knowledge base pages, those are all critical for running any business, but particularly important for a web host.  With HostHubs, they’re all just as crystal clear as the pages I’ve shown you above.

You can even sell domain names!

Diversity is the key to earning passive income and with HostHubs, you get multiple streams to make a little money from every month.  And since this theme is so incredibly smooth and easy to use, you’re definitely going to get a lot of folks who want to sign up for your services.

So, that’s HostHubs for you.  What do you think?  If you choose this theme, we’d love to hear your own personal review of it to go along with ours.  Stay tuned for more great reviews in the near future.

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