Individuals and company representatives who wish to build a minimal style WordPress-based website without stretching the budget should consider the Interactive theme. Its construction focuses on the creation of a platform that allows webmasters to communicate and bond with the site visitors by presenting the content in highly accessible and attractive ways. The Interactive WP theme was designed to do precisely what its name says by making it easy to set up a functional blog with enhanced features and clean style. Check out the live demo to explore all the options available and to get an idea of how your site should look. Remember that Interactive allows for full control over typography with integration with Google Fonts and an unlimited number of colors to choose from.

To increase the connectivity between content writer, webmaster and site audience, Interactive allows for complete multi-language translation for an international readership. Clean code keeps the site loading quickly and fully responsive style makes it easy to view at home on your computer and on the run with your smartphone. The menu collapses for ease of use. The Interactive WordPress theme allows you to quickly and easily build powerful blog website rife with special features and style.


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