For agencies and creatives who want a super-simple way to present all of their creative work, a modern and minimalist platform for expressing that inner creativity, allowing said creative work to burst forth to the world, impressing everyone who lays eyes on those incredible creations, Maav might be a great choice.  This unique theme has it all, from ease of use to a massive amount of flexibility and I know a lot of folks really love it.  In fact, Maav has a perfect 5.0 rating on ThemeForest at the moment, though that could change at any moment.

That sounds like an exaggeration, is that an exaggeration?  Nope.  Maav is that nice.

Made by mThemesNet, Maav is a totally unique theme, Maav is fun, Maav is great for all sorts of projects, creative and otherwise.  I love the subtle curve to the front page image or video, it’s a nice little touch that helps differentiate the Maav theme from many others on the market.  Not everybody will agree, but it does give the site a slight different look than many others out there.

Maav offers one click setup, so you can begin the process of customization within moments of installing the theme.  There are three basic home layouts included, a minimal portfolio, a video header design and a basic agency site.  All three are outstanding ways to get your creative works out there for the world to enjoy.   There’s even a page builder to add tons of flexibility to your design layouts.  So whatever your website’s needs, they’re sure to be addressed by Maav.

A pair of portfolio layouts add to the mix, a perfect blend of creativity and subdued energy.  That’s what a minimal theme brings to the table, the perfect frame for all kinds of creations.

Finally, I dug around a little bit and it appears that mThemesNet does a really great job of supporting all of their themes and the documentation appears to be really in depth as well.  That way, you run into problems, you get help.

Easy peasy.

Learn more below.

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