Pinstagram WordPress Pinterest Style theme

If you’ve been looking for a WordPress theme with a Pinterest style, this one could be a good option.  Pinstagram, by MyThemeShop, has the traditional layout that looks a lot like Pinterest and it’s a wonderful theme for creating a social network of your own.  Pinstagram was inspired by Pinterest, clearly, and it’s got that style down pat.  Multiple images sizes in a masonry grid style, whether the posts are long or short, you can capture the look, feel and style of Pinterest on your very own website, all the while giving users a familiar style to work with.  Why would you want a Pinterest inspired WordPress theme?  Well, the popularity of Pinterest is one part of it, Pinterest is among the fastest growing social media networks around and it’s growth has been incredible, spiking hundreds of percentage points in just a few years.  With Pinstagram, you can capture part of that excitement on your own page.

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justfit WordPress fitness and personal training theme

The ultimate in fitness templates for WordPress, MyTheme Shop has created a real winner in JustFit.  Great for gyms and personal trainers, anyone who wants an amazing fitness theme and wants it at a reasonable price, with the style and flexibility to work for almost any sort of business.

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MyBlog WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop

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wooshop wordpress ecommerce wordpress themes

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coupon wordpress theme

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Sensational AdSense ready magazine Theme

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socialnow wordpress theme

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BloggingBox WordPress Theme for personal bloggers

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Feminine WordPress Women

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Ad-Sense WordPress Magazine Theme with WooCommerce

This amazing product specializes in creating revenue for its owners by boosting the site’s perspective popularity and count. With Ad-Sense, we are introducing to a brand-new page builder, known as Div hindsight, made to accelerate your creativity. At this time you may make designs by simply dragging the elements from the list and dropping them at the page, where your heart desires. You can do this with your ads, too.

Packed with enticing features, Ad-Sense is decidedly one of the greatest themes available on the market. Users will benefit from 13 beautiful layouts for every post and countless incredible Big Grid design combinations available to highlight pages and groups, making sure that your articles won’t ever look mediocre.

With each online business, a good balance must be struck. You must generate revenue from ads without downgrading the reader’s expertise. Thankfully, Ad-Sense has implemented a contemporary, smart ad system. Now, every ad location on your site has a specific box where the ad code could be inserted. For Google AdSense, the theme will automatically search for the corresponding banner dimensions. Ad-Sense includes 18 different advertisement locations that can help you maximize your revenue stream.

In today’s internet landscape, listing posts are a few of the very appealing content formats. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to print a well-researched list. Ad-Sense clears your program by simply implementing a ground-breaking clever list system which can automatically produce top quality lists. This AdSense WordPress theme provides a large number of useful tools, and it must certainly become a crucial part of your business plan.

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