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If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some WordPress in your hair.

Okay, this is San Francisco.  One of the most expensive cities in the world.  People like to wear all black, it’s almost impossible to find a place to park, it’s always foggy and people love their avacado and toast for like $9 a pop.  People are stylish, they’re busy, they’re obsessed with Star Wars and fancy doughnuts.  It’s a crazy place.  Crazy.

But this theme is nothing like that.  Well, mostly nothing.

At just a hair under $60, San Francisco is a well priced theme for how much you get.  San Francisco is a multi-concept theme, which means multipurpose, and it can be used for blogs, eCommerce sites, business pages and more.

Let’s check out some demos.  Modern, Adventurer, Handmade, Lifestyle, Personal, Musical, Food, Dream and Photography.  What those mean?  Well, some I get, some I don’t.  What’s a dream theme?

SanFrancisco MultiConcept Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Great looking stuff.

But guess what, that’s just 9 of the well over 300 demo sites they’ve put together.  That’s absolutely insane.  Crazy.  You though the city of San Francisco was crowded, this theme is crowded, teeming, overflowing with demo sites.  And that’s cool, I guess.

Okay, some of the demo sites are simple, some more complicated and ornate.  Some are great for eCommerce, some are meant to be blogs, whether lifestyle and personal or corporate.  Tons of header variants, sticky sidebars, multiple fonts, a handy page builder, multiple grid posts and featured post options.  You’ve got flex ads with over a hundred different ad styles, a splash page for attracting even more attention.  One feature I really, really like, the optional .gif images for post previews.  It’s really unique and I think it can lead to massive increases in clicks to certain articles.  Overused, I bet it could get pretty annoying though.  One more think, unlike your car in the city of San Francisco, there’s a place for everything with the San Francisco WordPress theme.  It’s really, really well organized and easy to get around.

All jokes aside, you really do get a ton of options and flexibility with San Francisco and it’s certainly a theme worth considering for nearly any usage.

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