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The totally responsive WordPress theme called Severn presents content in a well-structured, efficient and attractive way whether the site visitor is viewing it on a large desktop or laptop monitor or is out and about browsing on a tablet or phone. Every element, feature and content block on the website will grow or shrink to fit the best way possible on any screen. This means that the Severn theme will never get in the way of attracting more attention and retaining more visitors long enough to convert them to customers or clients.  Minimalist WordPress Magazine Themes, Simple, Modern, User Friendly

When it comes to designing a website with Severn, there are so many professional features that the decision about which to use may be the most difficult aspect of site creation. The user interface or admin panel is quite intuitive and all changes can be made easily by clicking and dragging or copying and pasting shortcodes. Begin with a one, two or three column layout for your homepage or any other site page.

Set up your blog with one of the eight various formats for posts. These include standard, image, audio, video, quote, aside and status update. Every post you make can choose one of these types for better presentation, but they can also be adjusted as necessary to best showcase your text or graphics. Severn also includes the powerful Ecko plug-in that introduces 10 unique widgets usable in posts. Multi-column page layouts can be edited to include various widgets, unique scrolling options and various premade sidebars. Full search engine integration with Facebook, Twitter and more is included with this unique and effective Severn WordPress theme.

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