Stoic, it means quiet, a fortress of solitude, it means a sophisticated platform for creatives to express themselves.  Aqi Bashef is the theme developer behind Stoic and he’s done the job of creating a visually striking multipurpose theme, but let’s see what he describes Stoic as.

STOIC, a visually sophisticated, robustly clean, and profoundly well-designed, WordPress theme for agency website. Unleash your prolific destination with this impeccable, resourceful, multi-layout website theme. With the salient, off the grid features, you can reach the serenity without impediment. Success is imminent when you can present yourself to the audience in a captivating and creative way.  STOIC is a minimal, fast loading, flexible, functional, mobile-ready, SEO-optimized, elegant, user-friendly, ingenious, and high-quality theme. The out of the box and ready-to-use website will help you to scale up the ladder toward the apex of completion. No prior coding knowledge is required when you are customizing STOIC as it has been designed to empower every level of webmasters.

When you simply describe your theme as a theme for creatives, you either have a really firm grasp on what your theme is all about or else you have absolutely no clue what you’re doing.  Which do you think it is?  Judging by the immediate success of this theme, about 10 downloads in the first three days on the market, I have my guesses. T O I C Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

What you notice immediately is the smooth parallax scrolling design.  I’ve tested a bunch of the page demos and whether one page or multipage, this theme loads up smooth and navigation is really easy and clear-cut.

Here’s the full screen image layout.

S T O I C Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme(1)

Could it be they’ve overdone the tiny, thin font?  It’s a little difficult to read.  Sometimes, there are too many big, chunky, wedge shaped slab serif or sans serif fonts used for titles, but this onegoes too far in the other direction.  Maybe bump that weight up a tiny big. T O I C Gradient Overlay Full Screen

That’s not a shot, just an observation.  I do like the clean style, the very clear navigation, the beautiful minimalist WordPress style.

So, what’s to say aside from noting the clean, minimal and reserved style?  There are a couple page templates, one page version and a multi page style.  Three blog layouts too, the standard blog style which is full width with sidebar on the left or right.  You’ve got a 2/3rds column grid with sidebar.  Single blog post, which is also full width and has a left or right sidebar.

Multiple portfolios, full screen images and sliders, text rotators and even a color gradient overlay.

The style is there, but what else can we check?  How about the performance?

Well, there’s the speed checker for one thing. speed test

Good lord, 28.6 MB?  What are those image dimensions?  Still, the theme loads up relatively fast, just over 3 seconds and a solid performance grade.  With reasonable sized images, this theme could load up really fast and look great while it does it.

So, that’s going to do it for us.  What do you think about Stoic?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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