StoryTeller is here, and it’s ready to tell a story of a beautiful blog, portfolio or business venture with enough flexibility and dynamic features to wow any audience.  It’s a real rags to riches story. And with a name like Storyteller, is it any wonder this is a great theme for writers?

StoryTeller is quite simply, a very beautiful WordPress theme with enough flexibility to excel as a blog or a portfolio, offersing up tons of custom fonts and typography, a handy and powerful live theme customizer, which allows you to engineer a totally custom header, slideshows, footer, widgets and so much more, it’s incredible.  StoryTeller is all about making your content, whether it’s photos, videos, blog posts or something else, the subject of the story.  When you connect with your audience in that way, you can start to built a great brand that will be well liked and respected by your readers and it’ll keep them coming back for more.  The design of this WordPress theme is simple and graceful enough that it’s ideal for nearly any business niche and any end goals you might have.

You’ve got your slide shows, your post formats.  There are unlimited galleries and a whole lot more.  I’ve found GraphPaper Press to be a solid supporter of their themes too.  Oh yeah, we’ve gathered up all of the GraphPaper Press themes here.

When you’re looking for a WordPress portfolio and blogging theme, you should really consider a responsive design like StoryTeller.  StoryTeller, and GraphPaper Press, nows that responsiveness is key to a modern website.  It’s a very important factor, since a typical responsive design looks perfect on any device size. Moreover, responsive themes give a great user experience, every single time, for all of your readers.  That makes folks stay on your site longer and enjoy their experience more.  Those things can help you in the rankings too, since Google uses responsiveness as one of their ranking factors.  If you’re blogging, constructing a portfolio, or building any sort of business, a responsive website is absolutely critical to your success online.

I took the liberty of checking the site load speeds for Storyteller.  Not too shabby, but definitely not the best I’ve ever seen. Performance Report for https storyteller GTmetrix

Not as bad as Bluto Blutarsky. I mean hey, Ds get degrees, as they say.

So, yeah, we’re revisiting all our old reviews and I think not much has changed.  I still like this theme, though it is a bit dated at this point.  You may find something like the Penelope WordPress theme to be a decent analog for Storyteller.  That or maybe one of our free themes like Quartz or King?

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