SuperOwly is fun and it walks the razor’s edge between having a cool, fun and kid friendly name and suffering the wrath of the NFL by daring to whisper the name Super Bowl. I don’t care though, I’m a rebel. I’ll say it.

This theme is called SuperOwly and it was developed by MonekeySan to be a great looking theme for kids, for kindergartens, day care centers, schools and more.  Why was it named SuperOwly though?  I don’t get it?  Anyway, we may never know the real answer.  But, this modern and well crafted theme is a…well, hey, why not let MonkeySan introduce this theme for us?

SuperOwly is WordPress Theme designed for kindergarten, school of early learning, preschool, primary school or elementary school, junior high school, college, child care center, nursery or nanny agency.  The pages of this template are specially designed for kindergarten and nurse industry.

Choosing this theme you get both – the excellent functionality for your business purposes and a simple template for individual customization.  As a result it will be easy for you to present your business idea and comfortable for the visitors to use your site.

3 different predefined Home pages demonstrate variety of applying.  The template has vibrant colors a kindergarten website needs, that are completely adjustable via Page Builder and Theme Settings. The theme is so easy in use, even a child can handle it.

With SuperOwly, you get an advanced events calendar, which is really good for any school.  There are so many events happening all the time, it’s great to have a place where everyone can see what’s coming up to plan ahead.  Visual Composer is included, which allows you to drag and drop content elements to their place.  Everything is so neat and tidy with Visual Composer.  There are a few basic layouts included too, which means you can get a rapid start in developing your website, no matter what type of site you’re building.

SuperOwly is ready for school!

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Eduma WordPress Theme

Education WordPress Theme; The Best Learning Management Software

Education WordPress theme is designed for educational websites, training centers, college school based educational programs, academy, courses hub, universities, kindergarten, LMS just to mention but a few. This WordPress theme contains all the necessary tools required to enhance the eLearning experience. The Education WordPress theme offers arguably the best LMS experience ever with user friendly and comprehensive eLearning features. What are some of the unique benefits of this WordPress theme?  20+ Best WordPress Artist Themes

Different and Unique Demo Homepages

The Education WP theme comes with over nine different and unique demo homepages which allows you to create your own website. You can import the different demo homepages and use them to tailor your website to suit your visitors’ needs. The demo homepages are ideal for educational purposes and they can be used to create sites suitable for language schools, universities, courses learning hub, training centers, colleges and even kindergarten.

Uses the LearnPress Plugin

The LearnPress plugin is the number one WordPress LMS plugin from the official WordPress plugins directory. This plugin offers you several benefits including, easy to use, easy to change the theme, easy to update, independent from the theme and so many other benefits. This plugin makes it easy for you to make education website in just a few minutes. With this single plugin, you will be able to save approximately $290 that would be used to buy add-ons for your education site.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

The Education WordPress theme uses the latest and most popular lightweight drag and drop page builder. This page builder allows the theme to load faster and in turn enabling your website or page to load faster. We all know how Google loves websites or pages that load faster. This therefore means that your site will be among the top searches on Google.  33+ Best of the Page Builder Themes

Allows For Data Portability

Once in a while, it is good to change how your website looks in terms of the theme of the site, update the theme or even to upgrade the latest trending design. Unfortunately, these changes come at a price; you will be forced to lose your data. However, the Education WordPress theme uses LearnPress, which allows you to move with your data to another theme or update.

You Can Brand Your Website without Coding Knowledge

For you to perfectly brand your website you will require the services of an experienced web designer. Fortunately, with the help of the Education WordPress theme, you be able to code and brand your website without a problem. The theme contains and easy and customizable tools and features that will enable you to code your website even without the coding knowledge.

Other themes use the built-in LMS feature, right inside the theme, for their WordPress based Education website. Education WP theme uses LearnPress, the #1 WP LMS plugin on – the official WordPress Plugins Directory, which offers you a whole lot of benefits, such as: easy to update, independent from the theme, easy to change theme or update in future. You will be able to make Udemy, Coursera or Edx education websites in minutes.

Okay, that’s Eduma in a nutshell. Let us know what you think about this great looking, powerful education theme for WordPress.

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