Live Grid Seeminly Showcases millions of images. Millions!

For the sheer number of images you can display on the front page, it’s pretty tough to compete with Live Grid.  You better have a ton of awesome looking images, because you’re going to need them.  I cound about 10 million in that image alone!  This is an exaggeration.

 Live Grid is an interactive WordPress theme for photographers who need to showcase tons of amazing images.  The front page will have real impact as you are able to highlight around 100 or so images.  There are 48 in the main grid, but each one can animate to show multiple images either at random time intervals or as you hover over the original image.  And it’s not like it’s just two images per square, you can add more and more and they’ll just show up at random.  Pretty cool, right?
Live Grid has sold over 200 times so far and the rating is hovering right around 4.5 overall, which is solid.
Responsive Interactive WordPress Theme was specially created according the latest web technologies. It includes a unique menu, animated image grid, full screen photo portfolios, photo and video masonry and grid portfolios, client proofing page, image adaptivity for each screen size, ajax page preloader, share social icons for photo and video items and much more. It can be great for photographers, media agencies, hotels, restaurants, design bureaus, interior studios and for other representatives of creative areas.
The layout is fully responsive, which means Live Grid looks amazing on all devices.  There are light and dark versions available with five separate home page layouts.  There’s the big grid which is demonstrated above, but also a single fullscreen image, full screen image slideshow, fullscreen Vimeo video or fullscreen YouTube video.  I’m not sure I could that as two things but hey, they do, so I’m willing to go with it.
Dummy data is included, as are a pair of blog layouts, five different gallery styles, password protected galleries and a lot more.  This theme is a really great one for all kinds of portfolio sites.

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Helium WordPress Theme

The Helium WordPress theme uses Bootstrap 3 technology to create a fully customizable structure and design for people who regularly write in a blog and creative professionals. It functions well with any WordPress from 3.9 and more recent. Full responsiveness offers a clear and accessible website to anyone who visits it on their phones, tables, laptops or desktop computers. Clarity and correctness of color come from the retina ready capabilities. Helium offers three options when it comes to building a portfolio, multiple incredible blog layouts and a menu navigation systems powered by AJAX. Non-designers can still create impressive web pages using the intuitive Page Builder that allows for a never-ending number of structural options with a few clicks.

Besides that great DIY layout editor, Helium also integrates with the WordPress Customizer. A robust shortcode collection allows for quick copy and paste inclusion of a whole host of unique elements and features. Some of these include various text box styles like tabbed and accordion, progress bars and alert boxes and pricing tables. Full edit options also exist for banner design, page backgrounds, header structure and style and more.

Clean and optimized code makes sites load quickly. On-board search engine optimization and social media integration help get the word out about the website and attract organic traffic. It has integrated translation options and is WPML compatible. Helium also comes complete with various plugins such as RoyalSlider, Isotope, GSAP and Easy Digital Downloads for selling internet-based products or printable merchandise. The Helium WordPress theme’s ultimate ability to offer the precise structure, layout and style perfect for any business type make it a great choice for professional websites.

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Sera Grid Theme for WordPress

Simple, flat and different, Sera is a grid theme that puts the center of attention on your images.

Sera has a great looking flat style, it’s perfect for constructing websites with cool grid layouts and it’s incredibly easy to use too.  Sera is a relatively new theme, it’s still under one year old as of the time of this review and it’s only sold about once every month since that ttime, so it’s  not particularly popular.  That said, I love the simple and clean style, I always love a Bootstrap based responsive theme, which Sera is to be sure.

Sera – OnePage Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is a creative modern and multi-purposeWordPress Theme. In line with modern design trends, color fresh and dynamic. Creative Layout and Smart. Super Clear and Clean Layout! This is a great choice!

Sera offers amazing support, it’s got a very easy to use interface for creating custom looking websites without needing to learn how to code for yourself.  Sera is really a high powered template.  Don’t like the WordPress version?  They’ve got an HTML version, a Jekyll version and the PSD files can be purchased as well.

One great thing that Sera has going for it, it’s a 100% GPL WordPress theme.  The design is simple, but sophisticated, it’s a high quality multipurpose theme that has what it takes to help you craft a winning WordPress portfolio theme.

Unique and modern, pixel perfect in it’s design, creative and well coded, offering advanced blog customization options, simple UI and more.  This theme really has a lot going for it, though it may not be exactly what you want to buy, since there’s no guarantees that it’s going to be around for very long.  I say that because themes that aren’t very popular are often dropped from ThemeForest without warning.  This one, it’s not popular enough to guarantee it’s existence in the future.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Sleek Responsive & Creative WordPress Blog Theme

You’re going to have to look at the demo for this one, the picture doesn’t make sense once you’ve seen the theme demo.

Sleek is what it says it is, a sleek and modern, fully functional and well made theme for portfolio and blogs alike.  I really love the blog design, it’s light and airy, breezy even.  The design is minimal but it’s anything but boring.  With a wide variety of stylish variations possible, Sleek is a great theme for creative websites for personal blogs or portfolio sites, not to mention small creative agencies.  Sleek can do whatever you want it to do.  Pay special attention to the grid layout option, one of the best portfolio styles around.

Here’s what the developer has to say about Sleek.

Sleek is creative and responsive blogging wordpress theme, built to bring functionality and style into the blog. Sleek?s smart layout makes use of full screen size, while making a sidebar fixed and independent in scrolling. With enabled sidebar comments, Sleek makes commenting much more prominent and substantial part of a blog. Lightweight, mobile-first layout progressively enhances across all screen sizes to bring native & smooth experience on any device, accompanied with a full retina support. AJAX navigation and AJAX comments bring speed, animation and interactivity for a full UX.

Sleek has multiple blog layouts – including a minimal list and masonry. The Post formats are distinctively designed to bring variety and richness to the content, both in a single view and in listings. With the Tweet post format support, Sleek brings appealing integration of tweeting into a blog. Category and Tag pages can have customized headings, with supported featured images and description for a distinctive and styled blog archiving.

For an advanced usage and page creating Sleek offers grid system, shortcoded elements and custom blog lists, to support custom page building.

Carefully crafted with best coding and WordPress practices in mind, Sleek is intuitive with selected and thought-out editor/admin settings and theme options. It?s translation-ready, SEO optimized with semantic HTML5 markup. Sleek Theme comes with a full documentation and amazing support.

So, with over 1300 sales and a nearly perfect 4.9 rating on ThemeForest, Sleek is a well made and really great choice for your portfolio site.

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Tripod Colorful Professional Photography WordPress Theme

Tripod was one of the first grid themes I ever reviewed and it’s still going incredibly strong!

Tripod is a premium quality theme for building an incredible grid portfolio site.  That’s what you get right off the bat, but you really need to delve deeper into Tripod to find everything that this template does well.  But Tripod is more than just an incredible WordPress portfolio theme, this is a great personal blog WordPress template too.

Rapidly closing in on 7000 sales on ThemeForest, Tripod has accumulated a solid rating of 4.28 overall, which puts it squarely in the above average level.

You can use the template builder to display any content type you wish on any page: category posts, tags, banners, team groups, testimonials, latest or featured post, widgets, even individual posts.  For each added element you can choose how to display your content: carousel, filter, load more button or pagination and sort the content by date, likes, number of views, etc. You can also choose your layout: full width or with sidebar and enable the mosaic, grid, thumbnail or list-view.  The template builder is also available for each post / page so you can add elements on your individual posts following the same rules as for template builder.  When you initially install the theme, you will already have 3 default templates in your list:

  • Mainpage that is assigned for your Main page layout.  Default that is assigned for your Archives by date, Post format, Post type, Attachment, Author, Categories,Tags, Search layouts, etc.
  • Posts that is assigned for your Pages, Posts and Gallery Layout

Each template is comprised of the following areas: Header, Content and Footer.  Each of these areas contains several so-called elements: Logo, Main menu, Log in menu, Slideshow, Widgets and more.  Thus, the general rule for Templates is to divide content in areas and add desired elements in custom places at user´s will.

You can have multiple blog layouts: grid view, thumbnails view, mosaic or list view and choose between the image resize method: resize or crop.  You can use the narrow or large port-view layout by simply ticking the corresponding setting from backend.  Not the least, you can add background images for individual posts or for the whole site.  The theme comes with several predefined background patterns, as well.

Enable the “Like” feature to let users easily access ‘favorite’ posts and raise their rating. When a certain post reaches the limit of 50 likes it will become hot. The like limit can be changed from backend while the number of likes for all posts can be randomly generated.

So, that’s what Tripod is all about.  What say you?  Is this a theme you’re considering?  I can recommend it for all creative portfolio purposes without reservation or hesitation.

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Showcase your digital products with a masonry layout.

Showcase is a tremendously intuitive theme, suited for all kinds of different websites and projects, but particularly well suited for creative websites.

Not the best looking theme I’ve ever seen, Showcase is a responsive grid theme that’s all about selling products.  What do you think about it?  I don’t know, I’m a little conflicted.  On the one hand, it displays a ton of products per page, which could be exactly what some webmasters want.  If you’ve got tons of related products, that’s a great way to display them.  However, the theme itself is soft of bland.  Ugly maybe even?  I simply don’t like the design, it’s not very appealing to me.  But, tastes are what they are, maybe it’s perfect for somebody else out there?  This theme was created by an Elite developer, An-Themes.  But yeah, despite that, this theme has been downloaded only 160 times or so.  Then again, the rating is a perfect 5 stars out of 11 reviews at the time of this writing, so it’s well liked by the handful of people who have chosen to review it.

Here’s what An-Themes describes this Showcase theme as.

Showcase is a responsive WordPress Grid and Masonry Blog Theme. Showcase is a tremendously intuitive, suited to be deployed for a number of different websites and projects of all kinds, but peculiarly well suited for creative websites, showcasing digital or affiliate products. Completely responsive to look perfectly in all mobile devices, easily usable with any device as well as PCs.

Oh yeah, front end submissions, that’s a nice feature.  This is the description of that feature.

Submissions automatically create a post in “pending” status so that administrators can review the item before it appears on the site. An email notice is sent to the admin each time a form is successfully submitted. All Articles submitted will be in Pending, if you choose so, and every submission will be approved or rejected from WordPress Dashboard.

Preview the front end submission feature here.

So, that’s it, that’s Showcase.  A somewhat clumsy looking theme that performs really well.  Maybe with the right CSS customization, you can totally make this theme shine!

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Grid Demo – Creative – Grid X

A really interesting take on grid designs is to use one very large image and break it into it’s component pieces.

With a really nice price, currently $29 on ThemeForest, Grid X is a well made, well designed WordPress theme that’s great for a wide variety of purposes.  Multi Purpose themes are a big deal, since they can work well for any purpose, from blog and magazine sites to eCommerce sites for selling products.  Grid X is excellent for corporate sites, creative sites and more.  There are almost two dozen grid pages, seven totally unique home pages and a lot more.  Professional and creative, well designed and beautiful, fast loading and easy to customize, that’s a great combo for any type of website.

Here’s the description from the developer, Elite Author Themeton.

Grid X is a creative multipurpose theme that fits any type of sites, including Corporate, Blog, Portfolio, Grid and Creative sites. We’ve inserted 21+ grid pages, 7 completely different Home pages and 5 creative pages for your taste into the demo site those presents power of the template and you can mix them and build your own.

You can find many grid themes or plugins here, but Grid X has 3 unique types of opening styles. Push open, Middle open (inspired Google Image) and Modal. Also it comes with Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons and Revolution slider that helps you to build your beautiful modern websites as you wish.

Grid X has sold over 250 times so far and the rating is a solid 4.25 stars out of 5, which is a really solid number, though it’s not incredibly high.  Grid X has multiple grid style layouts, there are excellent live customizer options, multiple plugins are included and Grid X supports WooCommerce too.

Multiple gorgeous layouts for creative purposes, tons of great looking headers, multiple menu styles, responsive and Retina ready design, Visual Composer, multiple default settings that can be adjusted to fit your site’s needs.  Grid X has a lot going for it, so it well worth considering for any portfolio uses you can imagine.

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Nerduck Masonry and Isotope Gallery Portfolio Theme

Nerduck is a modernistic portfolio-style theme with an emphasis on bold typography and a fine attention to detail.

This theme is called Nerduck, it’s a minimalist blog and portfolio theme that’s powerful and lightweight, so it loads up fast.  It’s also responsive, so it can help you achieve a really fast loading, SEO friendly website that ranks high and helps drive tons of traffic.

Nerduck is a modernistic portfolio-style theme with an emphasis on typography and attention to detail. Show off your latest photos and videos in all their glory with the responsive portfolio grid. Write blog posts with the beautiful, minimal blog.  You can have unlimited portfolios, each with it’s own categories and custom settings. You have two or three column types, with or without margins, filtering and a lot of useful features to make your website a perfect showcase of your amazing products!

Nerduck has just surpassed a total of 500 sales on ThemeForest, which is quite an achievement, and the 4.95 rating is a really big achievement.  That’s an amazing rating, really.  This theme was created on October 25th, 2015, which means it’s been downloaded practically every day it’s been on the market.  That’s popular!

I think the reason Nerduck has been so popular, the simple and clean design.  Ideal for professional and creative portfolios, agencies and individuals alike will absolutely love this template.  Visual Composer powers Nerduck, which means it’s highly flexible.  The documentation is thorough, it’s well supported by ClaPat, one of the elite authors on ThemeForest.  In terms of theme options, you’ve got a lot of great possibilities for customization.  Styling, footer and header options, sliders and blog options too.  Not to mention the portfolio options.   Nerduck really has a lot going for it, so you should definitely consider this theme for all kinds of portfolio and creative websites.

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Mug is a dynamic, ever changing responsive grid theme for WordPress

A clean and creative grid theme, an ideal solution for creative professionals that love grid and minimalistic design.

So this is Mug, it’s a short name for a theme that’s really long on features. This theme uses a beautiful, simple grid style to present tons of content to your readers.  With over 500 downloads and a strong 4.36 rating, ThemeLovin has made a template that does a nice job of blending strong code, tons of functionality and ease of use.

Here’s what ThemeLovin, the developer, says about Mug.

A clean and creative grid theme, an ideal solution for creative professionals that love grid and minimalistic design. The originality of the theme, its stunning design and layout capabilities will give your portfolio the attention that it deserves.

Mug is a high customizable theme with a full responsive layout. Trough a dedicated control panel is possible to configure the majority theme’s aspects and to choose the favourite colour among ten of them.  It is a highly flexible and widgetized theme, flat take advantage of all WordPress features such as post-formats, page templates, custom widgets, shortcodes, including important features specifically designed for it.

Widgets are really where it’s at, they allow you to create tons of functionality without having to hard code anything into your theme.  I love the fact that widgets are so heavily involved in the look, the features and the style of this WordPress theme.

I’ve checked in with the developer and they’re still actively supporting Mug, so you can rest assured that if you run into issues, they can be solved with little problem and no complaints from the developer.  So, that’s what I have to say about Mug.  What do you think, is it a theme you’re considering?

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Uncode Premium WordPress Theme

Put On Your Show With Uncode

Uncode is a very versatile WordPress theme that allows you to put your best foot forward in a dynamic way. This extremely intriguing theme is adaptable to almost any business, blog, or any concept that needs to draw attention through multiple graphics.  Uncode is a powerful, full featured WordPress portfolio, business and eCommerce ready theme, providing webmasters and end users a fantastic experience, thanks in large part to the incredible amount of customization choices and options that make website building fun and easy.  You get full freedom to use any photo, illustration, or graphic that you want. The versatility is there. All you have to add is your particular flair.  This theme is a really multipurpose theme, altering it’s look and functionality depending on what type of site you need to build.  This is a truly shape-shifting theme, just like water, able to adapt to any container you put it in. 

Think of Google’s news feed but infinitely better. The idea is to show off in an easily viewable manner that can be linked to full page explanations or photos. The theme can function as your main page or can be used as the explanation page for more complex and intricate concepts.

Uncode’s sleek and ultra-modern look is set off with design that is functional and also a supreme looking interface or appearance.  Uncode is pretty easy even for a non-developer to make a feature filled, stunningly crafted, effortlessly animated, simple to navigate, well layed out, typographically lovely website that really gives you the best options around.  WordPress Gallery Themes, Image Galleries for Photos

This theme works for selling. You can show off your top sellers or the newest items that you want to sell. The page can change with a few clicks of a mouse so your ads never get stale or lose their punch.  The theme is perfect for explaining a concept. You simply arrange the explanation from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. The graphic quality is so high that even the most complicated drawings come across vividly. It is a perfect theme for engineers, scientists, economists, anyone in realty, or a stock trader.  This is a perfect theme for a political campaign. Each issue of any political contest can be addressed in a single panel. Your entire position is available at a glance.

WordPress Minimal Themes.  More details are a click away. You can address your opponent’s new attack instantly.  Charities and non-profits can use this theme to show off all the good work that they do and gain new support. The theme gives you the flexibility and power to present a convincing and dynamic presentation in photos that bring out the emotion that you desire to create.  Bloggers that really want to make a splash in their first outing on the net need to check this theme out. The design of the theme lets you tell stories that capture attention immediately. You can keep the oldies that made you known and continually update so that your view is the only view people want to see and read.

The idea is simple. You put photos, drawings, or design in multiple panels. Each panel highlights a different product or a different aspect of a company or a single product. The panels are definitely large enough to give your clients the impression that you desire to give them.  Uncode is a premium WordPress theme that can successfully give you web presence in pretty much any kind of business, since it looks great for any type of business with any sort of branding.  To make it even easier to launch, Uncode comes packaged with multiple premade one-page template demos and tons of widgets and elements you can customize in no time at all.

This modern WordPress template is made up of the finest code snippets, HTML5 and CSS3 with the power of Bootstrap technology.  That’s why Uncode is able to give you a seamless design and experience that makes for a dynamic, full-featured website.  No coding knowledge or experience necessary to change the layout or add content.

WordPress Wine Shop Themes, Bars, Brew Pubs and Breweries

There are tons of demos to choose from.  Because Uncode has so many optional demos, you can pick from any of the professionally made demo sites or create a website that fits your particular vision, with a structure and message that you specifically want to send to your website’s users.  Uncode allows you to do anything you want, anytime you want to do it.  That’s power and flexibility. Uncode is a completely responsive theme, giving you silky-smooth displays on any size screen, any device, anytime, anywhere. The overall impression that Uncode gives you is harmonious, polished, fantastically crafted, fun and powerful. 

WordPress Portfolio Themes, Fresh, Creative and Professional

This theme is the absolute perfect blend of  content, messaging, flexibility and fantastic design.  Uncode works with the most used visual composer platforms and versions of WordPress back to 4.2. The theme is designed to look professional and slick.  This is one of the most versatile themes that you can find. The theme works for business, politics, charities, blogs, and all kinds of work that needs an explanation. The best feature of the theme is that you can do a complete sales presentation or concept explanation in graphics that you developed yourself.

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