If you’re scouting for a slick, modern, minimalist theme for your WordPress blog, Amadeus Pro is a very good choice for a wide variety of purposes. The theme sports a clean, elegant and minimalist style similar to intimate journals and notebooks, so you know it’s going to be a wonderful minimalist personal blog theme. It’s a good companion for passionate writers and artists who want to feel inspired and refreshed. Amadeus Pro is currently priced at a very reasonable $99.00.

In the digital age where almost everybody has access to the internet, it is difficult to stand out as a blogger. Everyone in the world has an opinion and a story; why should people listen to you specifically? Your blog’s theme will set you apart from the sea of other bloggers in the world. Your website must be clean, light on the eyes, easy to use, and most importantly, fully functional. Amadeus Pro provides all of these benefits and makes blogging fun and easy. When using it, all you have to worry about is your writing. The layout and design are all figured out.

Theme Isle’s Amadeus Pro WP theme allows your blog to be compatible with all major internet browsers, be it on desktop or mobile. This is important so that your readers can access your work from anywhere and from any time they wish. This also makes it easy for you to make your own posts since you do not have to worry about formatting.

The other main features of Amadeus Pro are simplicity and style. For the former, you can edit the theme’s code easily and with no problem since it was written neatly and efficiently. You also don’t have to worry about widgets and other add-ins. The relevant sliders are already incorporated into the theme. For the latter, you can customize the theme depending on your taste. There is an unlimited amount of possible colors, or you can pick out ready-made color schemes. The theme makes sure that your blog always looks at its best according to the owner’s discretion.

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flymag pro responsive viral wordpress theme

If you’re looking for a fantastic magazine theme for WordPress, then Flymag might be what you’ve been searching for.  This template is a perfectly modern, incredibly attractive magazine WordPress theme with a powerful responsive layout with pristine and bug-free code, browser compatibility with every single one of the major browsers and it’s totally customizable, so you can make it look exactly like you want it to, thanks in large part to the theme options panel which is built right into the backend of the theme.  Make your site have a custom look with unique typography, color palettes and powerful widgets that you’re choose, giving you the features you want.  Theme Isle is one of the best theme-makers out there and they’ve made the Flymag WordPress theme perfect for a modern and contemporary magazine website, no matter what niche or genre you’re into.

Flymag’s flexible design allows it to be highly functional for any sort of niche and your content, no matter what it is, is perfectly framed on every page and post.  Theme Isle has made sure that Flymag is incredibly well documented and their support is fantastic.  It’s really one of the best magazine themes out there for WordPress.  If you should happen to run into any small problems while installing the theme, or while adding customizations to it so that it perfectly fits your needs, you can get help through Theme Isle’s thorough and fast support system.  The Flymag WordPress theme isn’t just a simple, run of the mill magazine theme, you can use it as a personal or professional blog, an attention getting portfolio or a wonderful corporate website too.

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arkitek wordpress clean modern design theme

For architects who want to have a professional online calling card, showcasing their work with modern style, clean lines and plenty of white space, AArkitek is a wonderful choice.  Now Theme Isle, the folks who created this template, refer to Arkitek as a true multi-purpose WordPress theme, which is an apt description.  Arkitek could be a good theme to use for any sort of creative pursuit, from graphic design to interior design, photography, business consulting and more.

For an architecture firm or a creative agency, a law firm, advertising agency or any creative company, the wide range of features and the bold style are a great fit.  Theme Isle does a great job of making sure their code is perfectly valid and up to date with the latest WordPress codex standards and the unlimited colors, fonts, widgets, localization support and more, ensure that Arkitek is able to adapt itself to fit your needs, both in terms of functionality and in terms of visual appearance.

With Arkitek, you really can’t possibly go wrong.

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caresland wordpress kindergarten theme

Caresland is a WordPress theme specifically designed for businesses and organizations involved in childcare or daycare services. It offers a youthful and jolly feel through its usage of light colors and large shapes. The theme is designed to invite possible clients or partners to know more about your organization or business. Caresland is currently priced at $67.00.

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that supports your childcare or daycare business, Caresland is the right theme for you. With the advent of technology, parents are becoming busier and often need services to help them manage their children while they work. To respond to this, childcare and daycare businesses must be ready to impress potential clients with a responsive and attractive website. Caresland was designed to appeal to busy parents who wish to know more about the services through the internet.

The theme is fully functional across all mobile platforms on top of the desktop compatibility. Additionally, you can use sliders and other widgets to showcase your business’s equipment and other services. You can also integrate specialized tabs to lead to your About Us, Gallery, or Contact Us pages.

Caresland’s default theme features a clean white background contrasted with dark yellow segments on the content. Overall, the theme looks homey and inviting. Custom icons are available to link to your various social media accounts. These icons look like chalkboard drawings, which add to the charm of the website theme.

With the PRO version, the theme is fully customizable. You can choose what sliders or widgets to include depending on what your business needs. You can also alter the color scheme, logo, and amount of text boxes in the overall theme.

There is also a specialized Events page that can help your readers know the date, location, and other details of your activities such as plays and other games. This is programmed directly into the theme and no add-ons or widgets are necessary.

The other ThemeIsle themes are here.

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medica wordpress medical theme

Medica Pro is a simple and professional WordPress theme that is perfect for medical websites or blogs.

Medica Pro helps medical and health organizations have an online presence and present their services in a user-friendly way. Right at the homepage, a full-width header with a relevant background tells the readers what your company is about and the services you offer. You can add a call-to-action by placing a button leading readers to a specific page on your site.

You’ll want to let your customers know how they can contact you. That’s why Medica Pro puts a Contact Us box right at the bottom of or beside the header, where users can enter their queries and you can instantly respond to them. You can display your contact number at the top-right corner of you blog so those who have emergencies can contact you easily.

Medica Pro uses a responsive design, which means that those who access your site from a smartphone can still explore your site conveniently and beautifully. You can customize every aspect of the theme to suit your tastes – from background color, to typography, to the number and type of content blocks and their location on the page. Medica Pro offers easy customization without the hassle of tinkering with complicated code through the Theme Options Panel.

For medical services, showcasing testimonials from satisfied customers is a great way of building customer trust. Medica Pro allows you to add testimonials right on the front page easily and conveniently. You can also put a profile of your top doctors with links to social media sites so customers can choose to contact them directly.

Medica Pro stresses simplicity over “wow” factor, so it uses a one-column layout without any sidebars. Although you can add widgets in the footer area with descriptions or links to other pages. Medica Pro brings your medical services right to your customers.

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bookrev shocase image

BookRev is a clean and simple theme that strips unnecessary elements and puts book reviews at the forefront of your website. Adapting a responsive layout, BookRev is prepared to meet the demands of audiences who use different devices to access your website. Whether it is from a touchscreen tablet or a pocket smartphone, BookRev will adjust the page elements to fit them perfectly and display your content flawlessly. BookRev is specifically made for websites that want to feature reviews of books and magazines, although reviews of any form of media will also benefit from the design used by BookRev. Simplicity is the name of the game, and everything on the site design from typography to background and animations is kept to a minimum to give importance to the content.

BookRev uses a two-column layout with a right sidebar and a footer, which could contain widgets of your choosing. It features a full-width slider that allows you to choose two or more book reviews to feature on your homepage. Right from the slides the reader can see the book cover, description and rating, all of which help the readers make an informed decision on whether to purchase the book or not.

BookRev also incorporates customizability features that make it a full-featured WordPress theme in one package. Anyone with basic knowledge of HTML/PHP can modify how the website looks, thanks to its clean and lightweight code. If you don’t like the white background, you can pick from a wide range of hues in the color wheel, and even change the header to the logo of your brand. Finally, BookRev allows the addition of social media icons on the top menu that links your readers to your social networks. It’s perfect for interacting with your community. BookRev delivers a simple and modern theme that helps web designers achieve their purpose in mind.

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woga wordpress theme yoga business

Woga Pro is a WordPress theme that personifies your fitness and brings your yoga services to your customers in a user-friendly format.

Built using the responsive layout design in mind, Woga Pro will look perfect on any device, whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Woga Pro comes feature-packed with functionalities that are perfect for a yoga website. Only Woga Pro has a built-in BMI Calculator that allows your customers to measure their body mass index easily and conveniently. Users can even choose between either metric or imperial measurements for their BMI.  Woga Pro is a fantastic yoga studio WordPress theme.

Woga Pro embodies the peaceful and serene state of mind that practitioners of yoga advocates. The site is made of content blocks that have customizable backgrounds, so you can either use white space to evoke minimalism and mindfulness, or put a relevant photo that helps you communicate your message to your audience.

Simplicity and functionality are the two main characteristics of Woga Pro. You can add and arrange various kinds of content blocks across the page as you see fit. For instance, you can add a schedule for the day’s fitness program to aid your readers in their fitness goals. You can also add testimonials from satisfied users who have seen results from using your program.

Woga Pro comes with localization and customization features so you can easily modify your website according to your language and preferences. The site uses clean and lean code that strips away all unnecessary bloat, allowing you to modify every aspect of your blog such as the logo, headers and footers, etc. using the Theme Options Panel that allows even inexperienced coders to change the look of their site.

Woga Pro realizes the need to get in touch with your customers. That’s why the customers can contact you easily right from the front page so they can know everything about your service and purpose. These features make Woga Pro the perfect theme for yoga and fitness enthusiasts.

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