The Moon Highly Visual WordPress Portfolio Theme

The Moon is not just a satellite of out beautiful planet, it’s also a minimal styled WordPress theme, offering you a completely unique and stylish and incredibly creative theme for making a delightful website that gains your reader’s attention and refuses to allow them to look anywhere else.  The design of this theme is incredible, your visitors will love the simple design at first glance, then they’ll maintain that high level of interest with intuitive and modern design elements  that make displaying your blog or portfolio content easy and beautiful.  That combination really is difficult to achieve, but the Moon is able to pull it off.  The code in the back end is solid and perfectly up to date with the WordPress Codex.  Powerful and strategically created, it’s well coded enough to handle any sort of custom features you want to add to it and there are plenty of options for custom style and capabilities in this theme, that’s for sure.   If you want to make a personal website for either blogging or showing off your portfolio work, and you’d prefer the simple design style of a minimal theme, this one is a great option.  The multiple layout choices, color schemes and typography choices allow you the freedom to make a website that is exactly like you want it to be.

The Moon is a theme that lets you do exactly what you want.  Doesn’t matter whether you would like to craft a personal blog with a friendly, personable style or a multi-page premium looking website for a larger company or corporation, The Moon is ready to provide what you need.  Let’s just say this theme isn’t made of cheese, it’s all meat and potatoes. The minimalist style and aesthetically pleasing theme is a perfect blend of elegance and power, giving you the choice of multiple layouts and optional looks and features that make if highly specialized for your needs.  Multiple features can be added with simple grace from the highly structured back-end admin panel, which allows you to specify options and choices that are perfect for your particular needs.  No need to have a website that looks like somebody else’s website, with features that somebody else needs.  Take it and make it your own.  That’s the flexibility and you’re going to have your site up and running very quickly, since it allows for one-click demo installation.  Those pre-built demos are a great starting spot to make a site that looks amazing.

The Fox, Premium and Full Featured WordPress Theme

What else makes Moon so dreamy?

The Moon WordPress one page theme offers you a truly unique, creative option for crafting a website that will seize control of your visitor’s attention and practically pin their eyes open so they can’t possibly look away.  Think Clockwork Orange style.  The modern, intuitive layout designs help make your content look as good as it can.  

Current code, up to date standards for WordPress, straight from the codex, that’s what makes this responsive theme so reliable and fun to use.  The Moon handles custom requests and options with plenty of room left over to load quickly and help make your site load fast and that helps with the search engines. Highlight your best work with The Moon, structured and created specifically to make it easy to blog your heart out.  Helium, Simple and Modern Grid Portfolio Theme

Hey, why not shoot the Moon today!

Doh!  Looks like they’ve pulled the plug on The Moon WordPress theme, but that’s okay.  We’ve found a lot of really similar themes that could fit the bill for your portfolio site.

Here’s one called Hind or another theme is called Kwoon and then there’s this one called Kinetika.  No matter which of those themes you choose, you’re going to absolutely love what it brings to the table.

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