I thought I’d finally get around to reviewing one of the most popular theme makers on ThemeForest, ThemesDojo.  They’ve had a ton of WordPress themes available on ThemeForest since practically the beginning of that website.  Over 12000 downloads later, it’s clear that they’re among the most popular theme makers around and showing zero signs that they’re losing a step just yet.  Some have minimalist designs, some don’t.

One thing I really like about ThemesDojo is that they have such an incredible variety of WordPress themes they offer.  With 38 items available, it’s sort of hard not to have a lot of variety, you know?  Well, sometimes obvious things are obvious.  Now, now is one of such times.  But they’ve got jobs boards themes, a vcard theme, events builder, a bar and restaurant theme, several creative agency templates, architecture site template, a travel blog theme site and a bunch more awesome themes.  They’ve got WooCommerce shop themes, portfolio themes and a bunch more.

Here’s one of their themes, a blog theme called Regular.

alexgurghis.com-Regular – focuses on what matters most

Meant for lifestyle and fashion blogs, with a dedicated focus on content, Regular is a strong looking blog theme that’s ready for a challenge.

And a look at the blog post page.

Regular WordPress lifestyle blog theme.

With a responsive design, WooCommerce, clean code and a cutting edge design, Regular has proven to be popular since it’s release.


This is what Themes-Dojo says about the regular WordPress theme.

Regular for WordPress has been carefully handcrafted for creative content, be it blogging, storytelling or an online magazine. Be bold with Regular.

Sometimes design can get in the way of great content. With Regular, we took a different approach and designed and developed WordPress to fade into the background to let your content shine.

With hours of research put into finding out what makes a great content generated theme only to discover that a minimal approach was what most users wanted. Something uncluttered, yet bold and simple enough to let the content do the talking.

It’s all about the content.  It’s always been about the content and will remain so.  Now, Regular only has a 4.0 rating so far on ThemeForest, but I’m not too concerned yet, they only have three reviews total and considering the relatively high ratings of their other themes, I think it’s just a matter of time until Regular begins to climb the charts.

Speaking of ratings though, here’s another theme, Jobs Dojo.  I’m really highlighting this for two reasons.  One, well, check out this image first, you’ll need to see it before we move on.

alexgurghis.com-JobsDojo – Just another WordPress site

The JobBoard WordPress theme is a complete Job Portal solution with front-end submission of both: resumes and job offers. Also it features different payment processors which you can customize via WooCommerce and of course Pricing Plans. The theme uses the WP Job Manager Free WordPress Plugin, unleashing its potential with more fields for both resumes and job offers.

Thing one, this comment made by a prospective buyer.

Wow the theme looks like it was made in 1980

– movie4kk

Haha, ouch.  Worse yet, thing two:

themeforest.net-JobsDojo - The WordPress Job Board Portal Theme by Themes-Dojo ThemeForest

Yep, can’t get any worse than a 1.0 rating on ThemeForest.

So, yeah, avoid this theme.



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