EDIT** For a  limited time, Vani is going to be priced at $29!  Not sure how long that’s going to last, so if you want it, come and get it.

So, that’s Vani, a Beauty shop theme that uses WooCommerce to help you sell products.  Vani is a Visual Composer powered theme, so let’s hop it goes better than the last Visual Composer powered theme we reviewed, IsOne.  IsOne is a theme I simply can’t recommend, Visual Composer is a big part of the problem, I believe.


Okay, let’s talk about Vani.  I’m just dumping these screencaps here sort of at random.  There’s a dark look, here’s a lighter look.

Not sure about their font choices, frankly. That serif doesn’t inspire a feeling of trendy, beautiful, glamorous authority, but fonts can generally be swapped out rather quickly, so it’s probably not a big deal.

Classic Bootstrap looking buttons in this theme.  It makes sense, because they *are* bootstrap buttons.  Bootstrap buttons are fine if you’re selling SEO services, or WordPress themes, but I really don’t like it when you’re selling beauty products that are basically a luxury item.  The buttons should be dripping with style.  These aren’t.  Then again, this theme does cost $29.  I’m starting to believe that’s the permanent price.  Some of their other stuff is priced similarly, so maybe it won’t ever go up?

Okay, I cracked the code.  Here’s the deal, this theme will be priced at $29 for the first 50 sales, then crank up to $39 until they hit triple digits.  Then, the theme will be priced at it’s regular price of $59.  I’ve seen that kind of offer before.  I guess it’s okay if you come to places like themeit for your WordPress deals of the day!

Can you afford to buy a cheap theme though?  Seriously, will a cheap theme get the support of a premium theme?  Can you do enough with it to justify the time you may have to spend to customize it?  The buttons, the fonts, for me, I’m changing that stuff the instant I download and install this theme, so it’s not like Id be up and running really, really quickly.  I get that everybody’s taste is different, but those buttons just aren’t for me.

I’m belaboring the point.

I’ll say this, ThemeFTC’s other themes have done quite well in the ratings game on ThemeForest.  Rango, a fashion theme not too dissimilar from this Vani theme, gets a perfect 5.0 on just 4 ratings while another theme called Food Store gets a 4.50 on 6 ratings and both of those themes are also in the under $30 price range.  So, sounds like folks are generally happy with these relatively cheap themes.

Let’s see what Vani’s developer has to say about it.

Vani is the most beautiful and professional design which is suitable for cosmetics, health and beauty online stores.  In addition, this amazing theme is integrated with WooCommerce, built with Bootstrap and powered by Visual Composer, many plugins with lots of features, Product Quick view, custom widgets, unlimited color schemes, RevoSlider with smooth transition effects, MegaMenu with multiple column styles and advanced widgets…

With page builder plugin, you can build your new header, footer and home page easily. Only some click to add elements, drag, drop to change element order.  The theme is built with latest web technologies and SEO optimized to make it friendly with search engines. We Build is the right choice if you want to create professional and truly unique eCommerce website with ease.

Okay, well, that’s enough for today.  All in all, Vani is a solid theme, the design is nice overall, but I’m not a huge fan of those Bootstrap style buttons.  Overall, the typography isn’t my cup of tea wither, though many may disagree.  That’s why they have a horse race, or some weird old saying.

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