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This theme is called Video Café.  Can you guess what this one is all about?  If you said videos, well, you’re a master of the obvious.  If you said coffee shops, I like the way you think, it’s outside the box.  That’s a feather in your cap.  Yesterday, I was reminded of this theme and decided to take another look at what it brings to the table.

Video Café offers front end uploading so users can upload videos to your site, which is an awesome feature to help let your readers, or viewers as the case may be, create content for you.  No need to even get into the backend of the site to upload something neat.  Click the upload icon from the home page, choose your file, key in a description and title and the rest is history.


So, what does the developer say about their own theme?  How about this!

Sharing media is a trend now. Its a great business though. We all people love to upload and share photos, videos, sounds in facebook, twitter, Youtube, Dailymotion or other media sharing sites. Among of us, many people want to make our own media sharing site like Youtube, Dailymotion where we can upload photos or videos. VideoCafe is a theme that helps you to do that! You can setup your own website and stream your own media using our Template. It has a nice user interface with great UX, with multiple homepage version.

Now, the bad news.  This theme gets horrible ratings on ThemeForest, just 3 stars and considering they’ve had 8 reviews so far, that’s probably a pretty accurate depiction of the quality.

Video Cafe WordPress theme for media sharing and videos

Get online and share some stuff. Video stuff with Video Cafe. Imagine how much time people will waste on your website!

Yikes, here’s one recent review:

if this is anything like the “html” version, it’s garbage. No support and FULL of bugs. It didnt even work and after more than a year they never fixed the bugs(multiple!) I brought to their attention. Which considering the HTML version would be much simpler to execute, I would STAY AWAY from these people….


So, I guess that just about sums it up.  Avoid this theme!  Look for some better video templates here. 

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